how do you look hot when you are fat

How do you look hot when you are fat? [101 Powerful Guide]

how do you look hot when you are fatDoesn’t it get annoying when things get in the way of your fashion choices? There’s something you see, you love it and you want to wear but it doesn’t always come out quite right for you. How do you look hot when you are fat? If you want to know about it, then you are at the right place.


How do you look hot when you are fat?

How do you look hot when you are fat

1. Pay Attention To Your Patterns & Colours.

When I am telling you to pay attention to patterns and colours that means you want to choose something that is neutral. If you are not a fashion guru or someone that’s not into the trends then the best trend is to be classic.

Think minimal, lines or solids. If you are unsure about colours then definitely stick with black, white or grey. These colours may sound boring but you do not have to look boring.


Do skirts make you look fat

2. Do skirts make you look fat?

When it comes to skirts, I would suggest midi skirts to curvy women. Midi skirts are friendly for plus size women because it gives you a chance to show off your curves and show that you are not shy or under confident because of your weight. It gives you a chance to prove that you are hot.

If you are wearing a halter top or tube top then pair it with a tight midi skirt. Layer a duster on top because it just covers you like a robe and gives you comfort. If you are uncomfortable showing your arms this summer, then learn how to dress plus size in summer.

This outfit looks so expensive and luxurious that when you walk into a room, everyone’s gonna stop what they are doing. They’re gonna notice you and you’re gonna give off this confidence because you are comfortable and you know how to look hot when overweight.


Can I wear a dress if I’m fat

3. Can I wear a dress if I’m fat?

Talking about dresses, you can definitely wear one that’s a little more fitted. You can wear one that’s classic which shows off the best part of your body. Make sure you are looking very feminine in that dress. 

Wear dresses that are body conscious and always know what your body shape allows and what not. How to look hot if you are big? When you dress to attract and to look sexy, you basically want to feel good because this is key to look hot when you are plus size.


How can I look hot without exposing

4. How can I look hot without exposing?

If you are more conservative and you don’t want to wear something that’s body-conscious or you don’t want to wear a dress because that’s not your thing. You can still look attractive.

Wear a classy chic top that complements your body shape and makes it curvy. You can wear it with jeans or a skirt, either way the top is what draws attention to you. That’s because it’s clean and crisp. 

When you wear this, you show people a side of you that’s conservative but still very feminine and sexy. That’s how you look hot when you are fat. 

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Is the pear body shape attractive

5. Is the pear body shape attractive?

A pear shaped body is the one where the lower part of your body is larger than the upper part and your hips are wider than your shoulders. You can look attractive in a pear shaped body by amplifying your arms and your waist.

Draw the attention away from your hips. Wear strapless tops or tops that have ruffles. This balances the top half of your body with the lower parts. Always wear something darker or slimming on the bottom like dark pants or dark pencil skirts. 

Well, this doesn’t mean that you always have to wear a darker colour. Just make sure that the bottom is solid in colour and darker than the top.


How to look attractive in a rectangular body shape

6. How to look attractive in a rectangular body shape?

The rectangular body shape is where the size of the shoulders, hips and waist are all very similar. In this case, the best features to emphasize with your clothes are your arms and your legs.

Wear clothes that create curves like a scoop neck and add layers to your clothes to create more dimension. Learn more about necklines according to your body shape. As for the tops you want to get top stock with more curves and a more feminine silhouette by defining the waist.

What you don’t want are vertical patterns that emphasize straight lines, square neck tops and fitted tops. As for the bottoms, aim to add more curves to your bottom and legs, while waiting in the proportional balance between upper and lower body.


How do I dress the inverted triangle body shape

7. How do I dress the inverted triangle body shape?

If you have relatively bold shoulders and chest when compared to your hips and waist then this is called inverted triangle body shape. In this case you want to be trying to emphasize your bottom half with bright colors and full skirts.

The inverted body shape is characterized by both shoulders and bust to narrow hips. The strong shoulders often have this body shape and athletic looking physique. You need to go for dresses that balance the broad shoulders, chest and back with a narrow lower body to create a balanced silhouette.

Choose clothes that add curves to the hips and bottom because then you will be creating a more defined waist and emphasized upper body. Whether it’s an elegant or casual outfit, you should pay attention to the legs and waist.

Avoid oversized and unshaped pieces and choose simple pieces for the upper part. Choose angled sleeves and lush v-necklines. This makes the bust appear large and less wide.


What flatters an hourglass figure

8. What flatters an hourglass figure?

In the hourglass shape, your hips and your shoulders are roughly the same and you have a waist that is slim, relative to the rest of your body. In other words, you have the curves that’s why you should be aiming to emphasize. Wear clothes that enhance your shape but show off your curves.

The key to addressing an hourglass body type is to proportionately dress the top and bottom of your body by accentuating your waist. You can create an even curve effect by proportionately building your upper and lower body.

Always try to maintain a balance since that is your best asset. Accentuate your waistline, wear belt wrap dresses and A-line skirts.


What is flattering on an apple body shape

9. What is flattering on an apple body shape?

The apple body shape is used when your waist and hips are relatively broader than your upper body. The area of your body that you want to enhance if you have this type of body shape is your legs.

Try wearing short dresses and skirts to show off your legs. It’s recommended to wear the same color top to bottom to create a monochrome effect. Find tops that show off the volume of your bust and shoulders while emphasizing your waistline.

For bottoms, stick to those that enhance your natural curves without adding extra puffiness. Talking about bulge and puffiness, checkout how to hide love handles in a tight dress.




How do you look cute if you are fat?

It doesn’t matter if you are fat, you can always look cute when you wear the right clothes. I would suggest you to go for a cute short vintage top with full sleeves and pair it with a mini skirt.

Don’t forget to layer it with a faux leather jacket and long boots. Trust me, this will give a ‘euphoria’ look. This outfit is vintage, cute and very fashion forward at the same time.


How to tuck in a shirt if you are fat?

One of the best ways to tuck your shirt when you are fat is to tuck in only one side of the front and let the other side rest out of your pants. When you are doing this, make sure you don’t tuck the back side of your shirt.

This creates an effortless look and also hides everything you are not comfortable about, especially the tummy. In case of a chunky sweater, tuck the few inches of your sweater from the side of your front. Make sure you don’t tuck in too much, just tuck the ends of your sweater and let the rest of it fall.

One of the best ways to tuck in your sweater is to tuck in your bra from the bottom. Trust me, you will thank me later after doing this hack.


How to glow up when you are fat?

For a great glow up, you first need to look into your wardrobe. Here are the closet essentials that every plus size woman should have-

  • Denim Jacket or shacket is one the essential to start with. This fulfils the need of a casual and lightweight jacket for spring days or fall. This is perfect to layer on top of your fitted tops.
  • Summer pants are something that I would highly recommend. These are lightweight linen pants which are best for vacations. Such pants are best for the hot summer days when you don’t want to wear a skirt and you don’t want to deal with sweating.
  • Trench coats with cute details are good to have. You can be as playful as you like with these.
  • Get white T-Shirts, crop tops, tank tops, whatever you like. These are essentials because you can create as many outfits as you need.


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