how to hide love handles in a tight dress

How To Hide Love Handles In a Tight Dress? [13 Successful Tricks]

how to hide love handles in a tight dressWe all know this is a great deal and it needs to be discussed that how to hide love handles in a tight dress. First of all, I want to tell all of you that you are in a ‘Judgmental-Free zone’. Every body is beautiful and we should appreciate it from the core.

Always remember this one motto “Dress for the body you have at this moment”. I have seen people putting so much effort into clothes that they buy while thinking that I will wear this after losing weight. They usually forget to put effort into styling the body they have right now.

Understand your body shape, understand your curves, understand your strengths and flaws and know how to dress when you are plus size or overweight. It involves a lot of research, trial and error but at the end of the day, you can not give up on your body. You can not just put a baggy cloth only to hide your current body shape. So that’s why I am here to help you understand how to dress your curvy body.


How to hide love handles in a tight dress?


1. High Waist Magic!

high waisted skirtAnything High-waisted is where the magic happens. I am talking about high waisted jeans, pants, skirts and all of it. If you are carrying weight around your midsection then try and opt for anything that is high-waisted. 

These pieces tend to firm and flatten your midsection. They really do help to minimize that area. You can wear a short loose blouse with high waisted jeans. A loose blouse can help hide the belly and the love handle area. High waisted pants would always be your best friend because high waisted pants goes over and covers all your love handles which gives you more of a curvy figure.


You can hide love handles in jeans by getting a High waisted one which hugs your muffin top area and also enhances your hips which makes you look amazing. You can also wear high waisted dress pants with a bow or something, and pair it up with black crop top. If you want to show some skin, make sure you are showing 2 inches of the skin because that is going to look classy and fun at the same time.

High waisted shorts with crop tops are also a good choice to go out for groceries or in your everyday routine. If you feel like your love handles are visible in this one, then get a shirt and wrap it around your muffin top. This will make your outfit look cool and casual. 

Get yourself a high waisted straight skirt which goes above the belly while wearing a crop top. This looks flirting and sprinkle a bit of sexiness while not showing much skin. It hides your love handles and makes you look more curvaceous. Talking about hotness, here’s how you can look hot even when you are fat.

2. Are Loose Tops Really the Answer?

half tuckedYou will hear every stylist talking about wearing fuller tops and skinny pants when you are trying to disguise your love handles. Yes, this is a good look and it does work but I think you have to be careful that you don’t fall into that maternity style dressing. Anytime you opt for a top that has quite a lot of volume and fabric , you run the risk of looking bigger than you actually are.

What I would suggest, is to so a little bit of a half tuck. I know this can sometimes make you feel a little bit exposed. But trust me, a half tuck is extremely flattering. It gives you a little bit of shape but the parts of the top that hang down tend to cover areas that cover your hips and love handles.


3. Dress in Dark Colours.

dark coloured dressWearing dark colours will always make you appear slimmer. It will minimize the appearance of bulges on your body. The simplest way to lose a few inches is to wear a dark coloured outfit which effectively conceals your body’s bumps, creases and folds. Learn how to look slimmer and taller when you are short and fat.

If you are going to purchase a form-fitting outfit, choose a dark hue. Even adding a dark coloured additional layer can make you look slimmer and hide your love handles in a tight dress.


4. Undergarments are the Foundation!

high waisted undergarmentsIn order to hide love handles we have to go down to the basics and that’s undergarments. We have to go down to the foundation and that is the right undergarment. The technique of hiding your muffin top or love handles works with layers. 

It doesn’t necessarily have to be shapewear. You can start with getting yourself high rise panties and moving on to shapewear when you feel like. It all depends on how much control you want in the mid and back section.

Invest in good undergarments. These are not cheap and it takes a while before you find what works for you. Good undergarments doesn’t mean something that is just tight and crushing. It has to be comfortable, breathable and it needs to show your shape without any bumps.

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5. Get Your Right Size.

right sizeA lot of people feel that the tighter the outfit is, the smaller your mid section or love handles are going to look. But it is a great misconception and we need to educate people about it. 

If you will not get your right size and choose something smaller, then you are actually doing the reverse. Smaller sized dresses and underwears are just going to attenuate your love handles and make it more visible.

We need more tailored outfits, not smaller nor oversized. I also don’t want you to get a lot of oversized outfits in order to hide your bulges. Oversize dresses make you look bigger.


6. Ensure Good Fabric.

right fabricEnsure that all your clothes are made of good fabric. Good fabric for curvy ladies are fabric that stretches, structured, thick, fabrics that do not show all your bumps flaws. Avoid thin fabrics because you will have a very difficult time creating the illusion and hiding your love handles.

To get that perfect fabric for your body, you need to research and experiment until you find that fabric that works for you. Some fabrics are just not forgiving, it will crease under every roll or bumps you have. So get yourself such fabrics that are forgiving and bring out that silhouette that is flowy and structured.

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7. Play with Additional Layers.

layerA thin cardigan or an open jacket can be worn as a coverup over a fitted dress. Not only will longline cover-ups make you appear slimmer, but they also do an excellent job if you want to appear more casual.

If you are wearing a longer length top or a tight dress then put on a jacket that hits just at the waist. This will completely hide your love handles and make you look slimmer and elongated. This also appears stylish. So people would focus on your style, not on what you are hiding.

Creating different layers also tricks the eye and creates vertical lines using layering pieces. A long line layering cardigan, vest or kimono are the best options for this. These layers provide a form-fitting piece and give you that extra coverage that doesn’t highlight your love handles.


8. Wrap dresses.

wrap dressA well-cut dress will fit and flatter off the top enhancing the bust and then it will just camouflage the rest. The layers just fit nicely over the waist, giving a lovely streamlined appearance and hides your love handles.

Wrap dresses come in loose styles and more fitted styles too. It really depends on what you feel most comfortable in. V-neckline with wrap dresses are great for anyone with wide hips or love handles. Know more about the best necklines for plus size women.

These dresses highlight your waist while concealing your love handles and midsection at the same time. C’mon ladies, this is all we want, isn’t it?


9. Monochrome Dress.

monochrome dress

One of the best styling tips to hide the love handle or midsection is to wear monochrome outfits. This basically means wearing the same colour top to toe. Whether it is all-white or all-grey or whatever colour you prefer.

I know we tend to opt for darker colours if we are trying to look thinner or hiding our body bumps or minimize a particular body part. But it doesn’t have to be in a dark colour. If you love pastel pink or blush pink or pastel blue, opt for that colour.

It’s all about the colour that suits your skin type and makes you feel great. Monochrome dresses really help to elongate your body and it doesn’t bring the focus to any particular area of your body.


10. Sprinkle some Prints.

printed dressSmall prints on tight dresses creates the magic of camouflaging. Stay away from large prints because it makes you feel bigger. Small prints bring details together which don’t make the eye focus on particular parts of the body like your tummy or love handles.

The beauty of wearing small prints is that the print just confuses your eye. It doesn’t direct your eye to the problematic area. The smaller the print, the more it minimizes your body.


11. Shapewear.


Shapewear is made for everyone, no matter what size you are. You can choose a shapewear depending on your need. Shapewear alters the shape of your body temporarily to give a more flattering appearance. I can not stress how important it is to buy a shapewear of the correct size. Shapewear has only one job and that is to hug your body from all places.

There is a really big misconception that if you have a lot to control your body, then you should go for a smaller size for that extra hold. Wearing a size that is too small can squeeze your digestive tract enough to cause acid reflux and make you feel ill. Checkout how to look slimmer without using shapewear.


12. Rushing dresses.

bodycon dressDresses with rushing are one of my favourite dresses. It’s great at hiding love handles. These dresses are the ultimate illusionist when trying to conceal your tummy and love handles. If you are keen on wearing tight-fitting dresses but don’t want to bring any extra attention to your love handles, then go for dresses with rushings.

Having rushed around the waist, is the best idea when you want to add texture around the area you are uncomfortable about. Rushing will distract the eye from love handles and cover up the area nicely.


13. Opt for Vertical Stripe Dresses.

printed dressDress with vertical lines will help you to appear slimmer. The elongations of the line stretches you and make you look leaner. Horizontal line will make you look wider. So you want to keep away from the dresses with horizontal stripes. 

The main thing to be really conscious of is making sure that you choose small thin narrow striped dresses. The larger the patterns, the larger the stripes, the larger bulky you are going to look.


How to hide love handles in Jeans?

One of the best ways to hide love handles in Jeans is to get yourself a high rise one. Yes, high rise or high waisted jeans work as shapewear. It holds all your tummy, love handles and fupa. The best part about high rise jeans is that it is on trends. This will make you look trendy and stylish without letting anyone know that you are trying to hide your flaws.


Another way to hide love handles in Jeans is to wear shapewear. Shapewears have come a long way and they come in all shapes and sizes. It totally depends on your needs and what area you want to deal with. Shapewear will compress all your body bumps including love handles or tummy pouches. This gives a very seamless and beautiful look when you are wearing jeans.

You can also go for high waisted underwear like high waisted panties  to hide love handles in high waisted jeans. A good quality high waisted panty will hide your love handles and hold your tummy. These are the best ways you can hide love handles in jeans.

How to hide love handles in a Bikini?

If you want to hide your love handles in a bikini then get yourself a bikini that has strong contrasting colour blocks. You want to make sure that anything under the waistline is darker solids or prints. That’s because those are the most slimming colours to make your midsection look smaller.


Bikinis with rushing is something you should definitely try. It might not look appealing to you but once you put it one, it will change the whole game. It instantly smooths out your mid section by covering it with wrinkles which makes the eye unable to see the love handles. Checkout everything that you need to know about what to wear on holiday as a plus size woman.

Peplum swimsuits are heaven sent, to conceal our imperfections. It has ruffles that go across your belly and literally hide your love handles. Make sure that ruffles are long enough to cover your belly and love handles at the same time. These are the best ways you can hide love handles in a bikini.

How to hide love handles in Leggings?

Leggings are something that make your belly pouch or love handles more visible. But you can hide your love handles in leggings by wearing high waisted thongs. Yes, that is spanx and we all know about it. There are different types of spanx for different uses. For leggings, high waisted thongs are really good.


If you don’t like wearing spanx then you can go for high waisted leggings. Compression leggings are a miracle for ladies. Compression leggings hide your belly and love handles by compressing it comfortably. It holds all your flaws without giving you that uncomfortable feeling that few might get in shapewears.

Compression leggings are very comfortable. If you have got some loose skin or excess fat then compression leggings are the best option to go with. 



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