What are the best necklines for plus size women

What are the best necklines for plus size women? [10 Important Ideas]

What are the best necklines for plus size women

For plus size women, looking good has always been a challenging task. We have to make sure that we are not just hiding our flaws, but also flaunting the best we have. There are many keys for a perfect outfit for a plus size or curvy woman. One of them is necklines. But what are the best necklines for plus size women?

A lot of women ignore this major key. They don’t realize the importance and impact of a perfect neckline. This can change your whole look in a positive sense and also in negative. After knowing about the role of a suitable neckline in our outfit. You must be wondering, what are the best necklines for plus size women?

The best necklines for plus size women in general are V-neckline, scoop neckline and crossover neckline. But there are a lot of necklines to look into, according to your body type. We have discussed one by one in this complete guide.


What are the best necklines for plus size women?


Boat Neckline

boat beckline

If your body type is hourglass, then boat neckline is best for you because it enhances your figure by giving your shoulders a good shape. Also, this decreases your waist line and make your midsection smaller. Boat neckline is very refreshing and elegant. It is ideal for pear shaped body as well. It draws attention on the upper part of your body. Especially your neck and face gets highlighted and your heavy bottom gets balanced.

Sometimes, plus size women tend to have a shorter or thicker neck. This neckline makes it look thinner by highlighting your shoulders. Talking about hourglass figure, checkout how to look hide belly fat without wearing shapewear.


Draped Neckline

drapped neckline

Draped neckline are also known as cowl necklines. This falls off beautifully on your neck and shoulders. This has always been in fashion. Draped necklines are best for plus size woman with smaller busts because it adds volume and make your busts look fuller. It balances your body proportion.

Plus size women with a heavy bottom set should prefer this. No matter this neckline is on a spaghetti strap top or a full sleeves. It will always do its job. Casual tops, sweaters are very good to go with this necklines.


Asymmetrical Neckline

asymmetrical neckline for plus size women


Asymmetrical neckline is very trendy and upgraded. This adds an instant charm in your outfit. If you really want to know, what are the best necklines for plus size women? Then asymmetrical neckline is a must have! This creates an illusion which makes your shoulders smaller. Asymmetrical neckline camouflage broad shoulders and give it a slender look. Asymmetrical neckline is very modern.

It is best for almost all plus size body types. A lot of edgy dresses comes with this neckline. Whenever you carry a dress with asymmetrical neckline then prefer an updo hairstyle. Or you should straighten your hair in a way which remain at the back of your shoulders. This way you can flaunt your neckline and let it do the job.


Off-Shoulder Neckline

off shoulder neckline

Off-shoulder neckline is one of the best necklines for wider neck. It looks very soft and youthful. If you have a pear shaped body type then you should grab this one as soon as possible. Is off shoulders flattering for plus size? The answer is Yes, it is! Off-shoulder neckline is the most flattering for plus size women with heavy bottom body set.

The openness and width of this neckline grabs all the attention on your neck and face. Which also balances the broadness of your hips. Women with hourglass body type should also prefer this neckline. A-line dresses, maxi dresses, formal evening gown, vacation outfits, all are good to go with this neckline. Know more about what to wear on vacation when overweight.


V-Neck Neckline

v neckline

V-neck is the most favourite and popular among plus size women of all body types. Depending upon the size of your busts, V-neck can be shorter or lower. If you have small busts then I would suggest you to go with a small V-neck. For larger busts, you can go with a deeper V-neck. Plus size women with short height should carry V-neck neckline because this elongates your upper body and make you look taller.

V-neck is an ideal neckline for plus size women with belly fat. This takes away all the attention from your big belly and highlight your busts, neck and face. Do V neck makes you look bigger? The answer is No! V-neck practically creates an illusion of a thinner neck and taller body. Whenever in doubt, choose V-neck!


Scoop Neckline

scoop neckline

Scoop neckline is also known as round U-neck neckline. This is one of the most worn neckline among women of all shapes and sizes. It is suitable for all plus size body types. Scoop neckline is ideal for women with shorter neck because it gives a length to your neck and enhance your collarbones.

T-shirts, tops and sweaters, you can have this neckline in all these outfits. For a casual look, scoop neckline is perfect to go with. Women with smaller busts should go with U-neck. It creates an illusion of fuller breasts. Also, this provides a good proportion to your body.


Square Neckline

square neckline

Square neckline gives such an old school beautiful vibes. This neckline is for an ideal retro look. No matter square neckline is with straps, full sleeves or sleeveless. This will always leave its charm. Whether its in Victorian era or today’s VOUGE era. Square neckline has always been in fashion.

If you are not blessed with a sharp face then I would definitely recommend you this neckline. Busty women with smaller neck should go for square neckline. Also, plus size women with pear shaped body should carry dresses with square neckline.


Strapless Neckline

strapless neckline

Strapless neckline is the best neckline to flaunt your neck and shoulders. This is an ideal neckline for plus size women with pear shaped body. Women with heavy bottom set should wear strapless neckline more often. Strapless dresses and tops provide less support.

So, women with large breasts should avoid strapless. But, if you are wearing a strapless dress with shapewear or spanx then it is good to go with. Plus size women with heavy upper body and broader shoulders should not wear strapless very often because you will appear more broader than you are. The openness and width of this neckline is better to balance big bottoms. This is a good choice for formal occasions or vacations.

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Sweetheart Neckline

strapless neckline

Sweetheart neckline is one of my personal favourite. This neckline is the most feminine and elegant. Whenever I see a sweetheart neckline, I imagine a bride walking down the aisle. Sweetheart neckline is a timeless piece. This is a traditional wedding gown neckline.

For a plus size bride, sweetheart neckline is the best choice to go with. Whether you wear it with sleeves, strapless, or sleeveless. The beauty of this neckline remains the same. Sweetheart neckline is flattering for all body types and shapes. This enhances your natural curve very easily.

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Crossover Neckline

crossover neckline

Crossover neckline is also known as Surplice neckline. It is flattering for plus size. In this neckline, one fabric cross over the other fabric. This adds a drama and texture in the outfit. Crossover neckline is most suitable for plus size hourglass and apple shaped body. But this can go with all body type in general.

Crossover neckline make your neck look slimmer and elongated. Isn’t is a wonder that a neckline can highlight your waistline to a great extent? Yes! Crossover neckline divide your body parts in great proportion and looks very attractive. Whether its an A-line dress, maxi, top or coat. This neckline go well with all of it. Longer V-neck crossover is a good option to consider for women with small breasts.


What are the best necklines for plus size women? Now you know all about this. But you may also like to know-


What is the best neckline for large busts?

I am sure you all know how difficult it can be to stay at the top of fashion trends. While keeping a plus size body type. Larger busts can limit your fashion sometimes. So you must be thinking, what is the best neckline for large busts? If you are top-heavy and shopping for dresses. Then dare to wear dresses with plunging V-necklines.

This elongates the torso, making the neck longer. If you don’t feel comfortable with a low cut model, there are other options as well. A narrow boat neckline dress softly follows your contours. It is irresistibly seductive attractive.


What is the best neckline for broad shoulders?

Say Hi to scoop, V-necklines and crossover neckline because these necklines are the best necklines for broad shoulders. If you want to soften your shoulders then go for these necklines only. When I talk about V-neck, then I am talking about small V-neck with sleeves. Wide V-neck with straps is something to stay away from.

Avoid strapless, halter and off-shoulder necklines. These necklines will work against you. They make the shoulders much more wider than their actual size. Avoid turtleneck because it is very body defined and tend to make your broad shoulders very noticeable.

What are the best necklines for prom dresses?

In order to determine the best neckline for your prom dress. You need to know about your body shape. Choose the perfect neckline according to your body shape. Generally, V-neck, sleeveless sweetheart neck, bateau neckline are the best for prom dresses. These neckline are the most safest to carry.

V-neck is good to go for both large and small breasts. This neckline is very helpful in camouflaging broad shoulders. Sweetheart neckline is best to go with hourglass figure and heavy bottom. Boat shaped neckline is an ideal option for plus size women with short neck. Checkout this complete guide on how to look thinner in a prom dress.


What should I wear if I have a long neck?

Long neck is actually an asset. It is considered as an advantage. Long neck gives you a wide range to play with different necklines and outfits. Polo and turtle neckline, high collars, round and crew necklines are perfect for long neck. Turtle neck are best in order to hide long neck.

Round or crew neck creates less space between the breast and neck area. Hence, gives an illusion of a perfect neck length. Avoid deep V-neck because it usually serves the purpose of making one’s neck longer than the original size. Basically, any neckline which is close to your neck and do not expose it a lot. That neckline is best to wear if you have a long neck.

Is Off-the-shoulder flattering for plus size?

Off-the-shoulder is very flattering for certain plus size body types. If you are pear shaped body type or hourglass body type, then off-the-shoulder is designed for you. Off-shoulder exposes neck and shoulder by giving it a wider look.

Heavy bottom or pear shaped body type should carry this more often because it balances the width of bottom and provide a good proportion to your body. But if you have broad shoulders then you should avoid off-the-shoulders. Plus size women with inverted triangle body shape and apple shaped body type should avoid off-the-shoulders completely.


Do turtlenecks make you look fat?

For plus size women, the answer is Yes! Turtleneck is very body hugging. This highlights all your flaws which you want to hide. Turtleneck makes you look shorter, broader and make your neck look smaller by keeping no space between your neck and chest area.

Though it looks very cute, but if you don’t have a long neck. Then I would suggest you to avoid it completely. Turtlenecks doesn’t only make you look fat, but also make your shoulder look very broad.


What neckline makes you look skinny?

The answer is V-neck! V-neckline makes you look skinny. The width and openness of this neckline gives you a focal point. V-neck takes away all the attention away from your midsection. It also highlights your collar bones. The best part of this neckline is that it makes your neck slender and taller. It gives you a free space between your neck and busts. Resulting an illusion of taller neck and slender shoulders.

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