How to hide belly fat in a tight dress without wearing spanx? [8 Important Hacks]


how to hide belly fat in a tight dress without wearing spanx

As plus size women, wearing spanx or shapewear is a major part of our lives. This often leads them ask this question – how to hide belly fat in a tight dress without wearing spanx? Especially for us working women, we tend to wear it almost the whole day.  For few of us, it’s a normal thing, but most of the women struggle with this and they find it difficult to wear all day long.

One of the struggles is to deal with the sweat and warmth that it causes during summer days. It becomes really uncomfortable especially when you are on a date, meeting or party. We all want to look good and fit but at what cost?

There is much research which tells us that wearing spanx or shapewear can badly affect our bodies in many ways. So, how to hide belly fat in a tight dress without wearing spanx? Don’t worry I’ve got your back and here are many ways where you can avoid wearing spanx or shapewear and still be able to hide your belly fat in a tight dress.


How to Hide Belly Fat in a Tight Dress Without Wearing Spanx?


1. Lingerie and Intimates – A Secret Key!

Lingerie and Intimates


Choosing the perfect undergarment is the first and most important step. Make sure that the bra you are choosing to wear is the correct size which gives you a firm look. Wearing a wrong sized bra can affect your complete look by giving your breast a saggy appearance. Talking about appearance, here’s how you can look hot even when you are fat.

Choose a bra which fits perfectly, covers your breasts from sides as well and does not throw out extra fat from sides. High waisted tight underwear tucks your belly fat and controls your bulges and rolls from getting visible.

Choosing the perfect bra fabric or material is also very important.  Full coverage underwire bras with stretchy materials are perfect for plus size or curvy women which give full support. Avoid strapless and cupless bras especially when you are wearing a tight dress.


2. Shape of Your Dress!


Straight Dress

Straight dress


Yes, I said straight but not boxy because boxy dresses make it very visible that you are trying hard to maintain a good shape but a straight mini dress makes it very effortless and beautiful. Loose and oversized shirts or dresses above knees are a perfect choice to look slimmer because it completely distracts and hides your belly fat.

When you are focusing on how to hide belly fat in a tight dress without wearing spanx, then make sure you are comfortable in flaunting your legs because straight dresses can be short, long or midi and they are perfect for a casual summer look. If you are curvy with a similar proportion on your bust, midsection and hips then it is perfect for you.

Talking about summer, transform yourself this season and learn how to dress plus size in summer.


A-Line Dress

A line dress


A-line dresses fit on breasts and flare on your belly, but they are a more subtle version of Fit-and-Flare. A-line enhance your waist area and breasts but conceal your belly fat at the same time. This brings a definition to your body proportions. These dresses are short and below the knees as well. A-line dresses are best for parties.

Depending upon your figure, you can make some adjustments in this dress. If you are an hourglass and curvy set then you can accessorize it with a belt to flaunt your figure. For a pear shaped body, you just need to find a right fit and it will compliment you. A-line dresses also compliment a top-heavy size, because the flare of this dress on your hips creates an illusion of fuller hips.


Asymmetrical Outfits

how to hide belly fat in a tight dress


Asymmetrical outfits are smart way to dress and definitely a brilliant way to hide your belly fat without wearing a spanx. You can choose a top which is much longer from one side and shorter from the other. It looks very beautiful when you walk and completely distracts the eyes from your belly fat.

Asymmetrical top creates a layering effect without actually layering. You can also choose tops like Peplum because it is very feminine, also perfect for office wear if you are choosing a solid colour.


Layers and Ruffles



The best way to hide belly fat in a tight dress without wearing spanx is to Layer your outfit. It is a magical technique which hides your belly fat instantly and shifts the attraction from your belly. A simple top can be layered with a blazer which goes below your hips. This doesn’t only hide your belly bulge but also hides your love handles. Talking about love handles, here are the best ways to hide love handles in a tight dress.

Long cardigan, Vest and Dusters are also perfect for layering. Leave your Jackets or cardigan unbuttoned because that will make you look taller. Which hides your belly fat effortlessly and gives you a classy look.

Using long or short dresses with ruffles creates an instant illusion which distracts the focus away from your belly and no one would notice even if you have gained some weight!


Pants and Skirts

wide leg pants


When talking about how to hide belly fat in a tight dress without wearing spanx, then don’t forget about skirts. Elastic waistband skirts are perfect for plus size women. They look flowy, tighten your belly fat and are very comfortable to carry.

High waisted jeans are an all time savior because it tightens your belly pooch and gives a flattering look without wearing any spanx or shapewear. 

Elastic waist and Wide leg pants are other options to explore. Elastic tummy tuck high waist pants are very comfortable to sit and maintain posture while giving you a freedom to be confident at the same time. Choose wide leg pants which have a bow, knot or belting effect which looks very attractive and hide your belly pooch as well.



Colours and Patterns – A trick to master!

how to hide belly fat without wearing spanx


If you are wondering how to hide belly fat without wearing spanx, dark colours are best to go with if you are really serious about hiding your belly bulge. Darker colours tend to reflect less light and hide your actual size. Go with monotone dresses because using just one colour creates an unbroken line and makes you look slimmer and taller.

Having a fat belly doesn’t mean that you can’t play with colours, you can choose light colours as well but make sure to layer it up with any solid coloured jacket or cardigan.

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When you choose a pattern, make sure you are using small patterns like polka dot tops because bigger patterns can look overwhelming very quickly. Avoid any horizontal patterns or stripes and go for vertical or random patterns to create a slimming effect and reduce the appearance of your belly bulge.


Body Posture – A useful hack!

body posture


They say pose the body you have, to look like the body you want to have. Gone are the days where sucking your stomach was the only option. There are a lot of ways you can hide your big belly using a few body postures. While sitting, avoid slouching which makes your belly fat very visible.

Maintain a body posture, elongate and stretch your body while sitting. It is a very important trick because it lengthens your waistline and avoids the bulge. When you are walking, walk with confidence with a high chin, straight spine and move back your shoulders.


How to hide your belly button in a tight dress?

There are various ways you can hide your belly button in a tight dress. If you wear shapewear on a daily basis then it is enough to hide your belly button from being visible in a tight dress. If you are not a spanx or shapewear person then you can use a simple band-aid or a nipple cover.

It will work perfectly for this task and it will hide your belly button in a tight dress. Another way to hide your belly button in a bodycon dress is to wear high waisted underwear that comes with built-in tummy slimming panels. It works like a protection around your tummy area and also covers the belly button completely. 


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