how to dress plus size in summer

How To Dress Plus Size In Summer [13 Occasions Covered]

how to dress plus size in summerThere are a lot of people, especially plus size ladies, our body keeps fluctuating and changing and we start wondering how to dress plus size in summer. It does give us some anxiety, trying to figure out what to wear in summer when you are overweight. 

Hot girl summer is for anyone of any size, of any gender. It’s literally just like a state of mind, it’s the main character’s energy, right? You were entitled to a hot girl summer no matter what size you are, no matter what body you currently reside in. You can dress plus size in summer by following 3Cs, cute, comfortable and cool. If you need any guidance then this is your one stop complete guide to slay this summer.


How To Dress Plus Size In Summer


1. Palm Spring Dress

If you are headed to palm spring or any similar places then get excited because you are going to look your best. Get yourself a two piece set, a crop top or blouse with little sleeves and a flowy little skirt.

Make sure it’s printed with cute little flowers. You can accessorize it with a hat and flat tie-up sandals. It’s cute, it’s sexy and it’s super comfortable. Keep it very simple with some earrings. This dress is very Palm Springs-esque.

You get this dress in polyester so that if you sweat in this dress still no one would be able to tell and no one could see any sweat. Just in case, if you need a complete guide on holiday outfits then checkout what to wear on holiday when overweight.


2. Dress For Resort Dinner

When you have a dinner reservation at a resort or just at a beach and you are wondering what to wear on a beach when plus size. Just get yourself a plunge crop top with and maxi skirt with a slit of it. You will absolutely look at this dress.

Accessorize it with heels and a little necklace. This dress is a vibe because of the way it fits and makes you look very summery and beautiful. The slit is showing enough legs but still make you look put together. It really shows the perfect amount of skin and a perfect outfit to wear at night.


3. Outfit For A Shopping Day

When it’s a shopping day in summer, then why not do it in style? All you need is a cute cotton “milkmaid peasant top” and match it with high waisted shorts. Accessorize it with sneakers and lettuce hem socks.

That’s a perfect outfit to wear thrifting. You will be very comfortable in running, walking and exploring new places in this dress. After all, that’s all we want in summers, right?


4. Perfect Picnic Dress

Summers are the best time to have family or friends picnic and it gets more special when you are all prepared for it. All you need is a bright coloured romper. Bright colours like yellow are a power colour. Colours like these make you feel like you are shining from the outside.

Get a bright coloured off-shoulder rompers or small dress with big sleeves. It’s cute and beautiful. Make sure you choose a lightweight material like chiffon. It is summer so let those legs and thighs hang out. 

Style it with leopard sandals or a pair of heels and sling bags. It’s a fun and easy piece but bold and bright at the same time.


5. Outfit For Summer Evening

We can not talk about summer outfits without showing a sundress. I am all about throw on and go stuff. Sun dress would be your go-to in the summertime. It’s a bright sleeveless maxi dress with beautiful floral prints on it.

You can pair it with a thin waist belt and sandals. The back of these dresses will cover your back properly if you don’t want to show much skin. 

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6. Outfit For Pool Party

If you are lucky enough to be invited to a pool party, this look is perfect for it. When dressing for a pool party, you would want to choose pieces that you know that can transition in and out from a pool party.

Maybe you are going to a brunch and then to a pool party. So choose shirt dresses for this because you can button them up. You can wear them as a dress and then you can unbutton them and you have a cute cover-up.

So for the brunch version of this look get a bright coloured kaftan and then use the belt to cinch it in your waist. Keep things simple while pairing it with a bamboo bag. For shoes you can wear square toed sandals.

To transform the outfit for a pool party, all you have to do is to unbutton those kaftan and show off your favourite bathing suit and add your perfect pool tote.


7. Outfit For Pants Girl

If you are like me and you are a pants girl then summer can be a little tricky for you. In the extreme heat, try summer pants instead of jeans. Summer pants are basically soft pants made in a variety of styles and what really sets them apart is the fact that they are made out of lightweight fabrics. These pants are neither clingy nor tight. 

You can create a monochrome moment with this outfit. Get yourself a bright coloured bodysuit and pair it with summer pants. Finish things off with floral pumps. For those who love leggings but wondering how to wear it in summers, then checkout the best leggings for plus size.


8. Outfit For Skirt Lovers

Get yourself a pleated skirt with a funky pattern or just any colourful pattern. Pair it with a bodysuit. I must tell you this outfit is a stunner. The skirt should be high waisted, knee-length or down with an elastic waistband.

The fact that the bodysuit is very fitting and the skirt is pleated is amazing. This skirt is flowy and very comfortable. This dress is kind of romantic for me, is it for you? The skirt will shape your waist like water and it is high waisted so it will cover everything you are uncomfortable about.


Tips For Plus size Clothes In Hot Humid Weather


  • Stitching The Layers

Add light summer pieces when it comes to accessories like sunglasses, silk scarves tied around your purse. When you are wearing something very simple and breathable like jeans with a white top and you don’t want to put layers to cover up. These accessories are what’s going to help make your outfit.


  • Choose The Right Fabric

It’s very obvious that you don’t want to wear thick walls and warm fabrics. So natural fabric pieces will be better than synthetic ones. Have you ever noticed that if you wear something that feels a bit cheap and when you go out with that, it starts to smell? That’s because your fabric is not made out of natural fibres and those types of fabric are going to cling on to different odours. It’s not because you are sweating but because the fabric itself just clings onto that odour.

Cotton, linen, silks can be a little expensive so you can look for blends like cotton polyester blend as long as the blend has more natural fibres. 


  • Lose Clothes

Here I am not talking about very loose or baggy clothes where you lose your shape. Find something that’s not as form-fitting and super tight because there’s nothing worse than wearing something so tight where you are sweating. So wearing tight things is something you should avoid in summer.

When talking about lose clothes, maternity dresses just pops in mind. This is something for special ladies for their most special time in their life. Checkout how to style maternity dress this summer.


  • Light Colours

I guess it’s just science because dark colours like black will absorb more of the heat. But lighter colours like white will repel the heat. Wear clothes of colour schemes like blushes, nudes, whites, brights and stay away from blacks and dark greys that make you hotter.


  • Closed Shoes

When it comes to shoes, stay away from closed shoes unless you are wearing a sneaker and having a sporty day. Sandals, gladiator shoes or shoes that are more open-toed are going to help release the heat and make you feel cooler. 


How Should An Overweight Person Dress In Summer?

An overweight person should dress in summer by choosing the right clothes that make you look flatter and slimmer. One of the best ways to look slimmer is to wear tailored clothes because that will not be too loose or too clingy. You can wear light coloured, breathable clothes. 

Wear small prints, vertical stripes and accessories to catch the eye and distract attention from those areas that you are uncomfortable about.


Can Plus Size Wear Oversized?

Yes, plus size people can wear oversized clothes by understanding the difference between oversized and baggy. There is a great difference between wearing oversized clothes and baggy clothes. Oversized clothes are in trend, they’re comfortable and cute. The perfect way to wear oversized clothes is by keeping the balance.

If you are wearing an oversized top or sweater then balance it with leggings, tights, or jeans. If you are wearing an oversized dress then balance it with sharp heels or pointed heels. 


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