How to dress for an Interview if you are Overweight? [10 Successful tips]

How to dress for an interview if you are overweight

How to dress for an interview if you are overweight

Interviews always need preparation and so does a style statement. But when it comes to outfit for interviews, you really need to prepare, especially when you are plus size. Now the question is, How to dress for an interview if you are overweight? The best way to dress for an interview if you are plus size is to keep it simple, classy and presentable. So, I have got your back with a detailed guide which is going to help you for long.

A lot of people think that it’s very tricky to dress for an interview because you are going there to be judged by your interviewers to see if you are what they are looking for. According to a research, appearance does play a huge role in your interview. People need to see that you wake up and get ready to give your best self. This shows that you put time and efforts in presenting yourself in a way that’s going to represent their company.

How to dress for an interview if you are overweight?


Blazer & Turtlenecks.

blazer and turtleneck

Get yourself a camel coloured turtle neck sleeveless body fitting dress and pair it with a black blazer as this is one of the best pairs to go for an interview or work day. . Accessorize it with an amazing black waist  belt to give this outfit an edge. If you find it stuffy then make sure to get a 3/4 sleeve blazer which will look very attractive.


Wear it with black booties with sharp heels. The best part about this outfit is that you can wear it with tights when it’s cold. The body fitting dress just enhances your figure and the blazer makes it look more appropriate for corporate and creates a great balance. If you don’t have a blazer, you can also wear a trench coat which will do the job.

For another pair, you can wear a turtleneck top with pencil skirts and pair it with a blazer. This outfit truly gives a work vibe and fashion forward as well. Avoid waist belt in this dressing and add stilettos to give you an x factor in this beautiful outfit. If you are worried about your love handles in these pencil skirts, then checkout how to hide love handles in a tight dress.

For a third pair, wear a spaghetti strap black top or a square neck black top with a black highway trouser pants and pair it with a light grey blazer. Accessorize it with a belt on the blazer to create a bossy look. Don’t forget that belt is an optional in this outfit and you can go without the belt as well. Wear it with black mules and red lipstick and a red bag to give a pop of colour. That’s how you know how to dress for an interview if you are plus size.


Chic with Wide Leg Pants.

wide leg pants

For an interview, get yourself a high waisted bright coloured wide leg pants with an inbuilt boe or belt on it. Pair it with a solid white colour spaghetti strap top and tuck that top beneath the waistline of pants. Wear a dark colour blazer or high quality cardigan on it.

The white tank top looks basic and classy and we should not forget the basics because sometimes we are so focused on hyper trends that we forget the charm of the basics.

If you are more of a leggings fan than pants then learn what are the best leggings for plus size.


How should an overweight person dress for work?

pencil skirt

When you are wondering how should an overweight person dress for work, Pencil skirts are one of the best corporate outfit choices that you can make. Wear a black leather pencil skirt with a white peplum top. Accessorize it with a belt on it and black tip toe ankle boots.

If you are looking to incorporate some of the trends into your work wardrobe then black leather, faux leather pencil skirt is a perfect way to do it. This look is a very subtle way to use a pencil skirt and you can use it many other ways too.

Whenever you are in doubt about how to dress for an interview when overweight, then go for a pencil skirt. You can also wear a high waisted pencil skirt with a beautiful light shirt and cardigan on top of it. If it’s cold you can accessorize it with high boots otherwise tip toe heels will do the job.


Midi Dresses.


Never underestimate the beauty of a classy knee length dress for an interview. Midi dresses are classy, chic outfit which is one of those dresses that can take you from desk to dinner. If you want to take it up a notch and look at an even more worksheet then you can add a trench coat to it.

Every work wardrobe should definitely have one or two black dresses and especially one that can definitely take you from desk to dinner.


Body-Fitting Dresses.

body fiting

A lot of people think that plus size people should not wear body fitting dresses in interviews or at work. But this is a great misconception as correct body fitting dresses can be amazing to go with. When you know what type of body dress you should wear, you’re gonna catch the right attention.

Get yourself a body fitting dress with vertical prints that make you look slimmer or an hourglass. Such outfits are really classy and bossy. This outfit will create a huge positive impact on your interview.

This will help you whenever you are wondering how to dress for an interview if you are plus size. Want to look hourglass without wearing spanx? Checkout the most amazing way to hide your belly without wearing spanx.


What NOT to wear in an interview?


  1. Avoid overly casual clothing like sweats and leggings especially clothing that has holes in it which you see very often in thin leggings.
  2. Avoid distressed denim and jeans but rather wear dark coloured trousers.
  3. Avoid jeans because it shows that you don’t put effort in presenting yourself.
  4. Don’t wear a very bright colour. If you wear it then try to balance it with a dark coloured blazer, cardigan or trench coat.
  5. Don’t wear too short skirts. Do test a dress or skirt by sitting down at home and see if the skirts actually right up when you sit down because some pencil skirts can come up pretty high which feels very uncomfortable.
  6. Do not wear a very bright coloured bodycon dress because it will leave a bad impression. Also, it will create distraction from what you are trying to say to the interviewers.
  7. Avoid wearing sheer shirts if you are not wearing something underneath to cover your bra. This will give the idea that you are not a professional and the interviewers will not treat you professionally.
  8. Avoid wearing any dress which has a very low neckline because it is a complete disaster for an interview.
  9. Unless you are not giving an interview for gym instructor or personal trainer, do not wear activewear on job interviews.
  10. Avoid wearing T-shirts with a big picture or slang on front.

How to dress for an interview if you are overweight? Now you know all about it. But you may also wondering-

What to wear to an interview if you don’t have a suit?

Wearing a suit to an interview is a really good choice but it is not the only choice. There are tons of other sophisticated options to go for. If you don’t have a suit to wear to an interview then go for a top or shirt with a pencil skirt.

You can accessorize it with a blazer and tip toe heels. You can also wear pants with a shirt and cardigan on top of it. Just follow the guide mentioned above and you are all set to leave a positive impact on the interviewers.

Can you wear a sweater to an interview?

Yes, you can wear a sweater to an interview. But it really depends on what type of sweater you are going to wear. If you are going to wear a very bright colored sweater which is too oversized then don’t wear it at all. Wear a sweater which looks presentable and classy at the same time.

There are a lot of sweater dresses which you can give it a go.  You can also pair your sweater with a skirt to give a beautiful look which is not distractive at the same time.

Can I wear a cardigan to an interview?

Yes, you can wear a cardigan to an interview by styling your cardigan with a shirt or top and pencil skirt. You can also wear any appropriate skirt with a cardigan. The other ways you can wear a cardigan is to dress it with a body fitting dress.

Body fitting dress will make you look attractive and a cardigan will balance your shape. It will prevent your style from looking inappropriate for an interview. Wearing a cardigan with wide leg pants and shirt is also a very smart choice to create a charm.

What colour should you not wear to an interview?

The colours you should not wear to an interview are very bright or dramatic colours like bright green, neon, orange etc.. Even wearing white on white is also not a good option. The best way is to balance the colours of your outfit.

Don’t keep it too boring or too bright. If you are colours like white, black or grey then give a little pop of colour on it by adding some light accessory which doesn’t overpower your whole outfit.







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