how to look fashionable as a plus size teenager

How to look fashionable as a Plus size teenager? [7 Collections & Ideas]

how to look fashionable as a plus size teenager


From everyday school/college outfits to prom, parties, camping, vacations or dates. Today’s teenagers have to manage all of these perfectly even when it come to know about how to look fashionable as a plus size teenager. When you are a plus size teenager then we have to give an extra care. We have to make sure that we stand out for positive reasons.

For a student, fashion comes with a strict budget strain. The pressure gets doubled when you have to pay high shipping charges because shopping from clothing stores as a plus size is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Buying a lot of clothes doesn’t define your fashion sense and style. But looking fashionable as a plus size teenager with a limited budget really does. Here are some styling tips that can assist you in the long run!


How to look Fashionable as a Plus Size teenager?

1. Everyday Casuals – Less is more!

Everyday outfits for school can be really hectic and pressurizing when you want to look fashionable and don’t want to repeat the same outfit very often.


  • Summer Collection

overalls for plus sizeThere are many styles and outfits you can play with. We can start with a timeless piece. Yes! I’m talking about overalls. Crop top with an overall with cute sneakers is a very good option. If you are wearing short overalls then make sure that you wear it with a full sleeve top to balance the amount of skin you are flaunting. 

bathing suit for plus size teenagersYou can also go for a plus size stretchy bathing suit. Style it with high waisted stretchy mini skirts. Kimonos are something which is actually life savior for plus size teenagers. You can style it in various ways. Take a cute crop top or sleeveless top with a pair of denim shorts and style it with kimono. It gives a touch of bohemian look. It beautifully hides your body fats and gives a flary look. Crop top and sweatpants is one of the tremendous and fashionable looks.

rompers for plus size teenagersTeenage is full of colours and prints. Fit and Flare, A-line dresses floral prints are must have in your wardrobe. Take a cute romper and layer it with a denim jacket, it doesn’t only give you a beautiful look but also very comfortable to carry and make you look slimmer.


  • Winter Collection

pullover for plus sizeWinter for plus size doesn’t mean to look shapeless. It’s the best time to incorporate versatile outfits and feel confident and fashionable. For a soft basic look, get yourself a pullover sweater with high waist jeans and style it with boots. You can also style the same jeans with knitted bright coloured sweaters.

turtleneck for plus sizeTake your favorite turtleneck top and style it with boyfriend jeans, dusters and cool white shoes. Just a long oversized sweater, styled with a belt and long boots can create the magic. It flaunts your curves and looks adorable at the same time. Checkout this complete guide on how to dress nicely as plus size in winter.

leather jacket for plus sizeYou can also style your floral dresses with leather jackets, stockings and boots. That’s how you know how to look fashionable as a plus size teenager?


2. Glam It Up!

Don’t let your size become a disadvantage or a step back for you. Plus size doesn’t always mean that you need to cover all over and hide yourself.  You can always flaunt yourself confidently. By the tips given below, you can learn how to look fashionable as a plus size teenager-


  • Party Wear-

bodycon dresses for plus size teenagersFor every plus size teenager, bodycon dresses are must have! Make sure you are wearing a dark coloured bodycon dress. For summers you can wear it with a beautiful pair of nude stilettos. Bodycon dresses are best for Christmas and new year parties. Accessorize it with long boots or leather jackets. You can also play with cool prints.

leopard skirt
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Get yourself a full sleeve black top and wear it with a high waisted leopard spot mini skirt. High waist skirt is going to hide your belly bulge and fill sleeves will cover your arms which will balance your skin exposure and you can flaunt your legs. That’s how you are all glammed up with trendy plus size teenage clothing.


  • Date Wear-

pencil skirt

A cute coloured full sleeve top with a pencil skirt and nude stilettos is a good option. Full sleeves covers your arms. High waist pencil skirts hide your belly and look very elegant. A floral waist defined fit and flare short dress can also create the charm.

dress for date for teenagersHigh waisted boyfriend jeans with crop top and plum jacket is perfect for a brunch date. To know how you flatter a plus size figure? This outfit says less is more. Fit and Flare shirt dress with boots is also good to go in winter. V-neck short A-line dress with floral prints is perfect for a beach date. It gives a boho chic look which is so attractive.


3. Be vacation ready!

floral dress for plus sizeVacation is all about flirty, flowy, comfortable and occasionally figure-flattering dresses. You can start it with floral spaghetti strapped maxi dresses with flats. Bright coloured rompers with small prints styled with kimono is an ideal beach wear.

You can also go with your favorite bathing suit with a crochet cover up. It’s very attractive and gives you freedom to show your skin without making the details visible. Wear a V-neck crisscross printed top with a high waisted long tight skirt. It looks so classy and very cool at the same time. 

pants for plus sizeYou can never go wrong with a cute sleeveless top and wide leg pants. Accessorize it with a pair of cool sunglasses, flats and floppy hat. Jumpsuits can also replace this look. A perfect bathing suit, styled with a kimono and a pair of glares. You are set for an amazing vacation!

Checkout this amazing tried and tested guide to know about What to wear on holiday when overweight with 10 different holiday destination outfits.


How to look fashionable as a plus size teenager? Now that you know all about this. You may also wonder-


What kind of swimsuit makes you thinner?

One of the best swimsuits to look thinner is to get one with inbuilt shapewear. The suit comes with adjustable inner wire. Their material is good enough to hold your body fat. Choose a dark coloured bathing suit. Vertical stripes and small prints are best to create a slimmer illusion. If you have a light coloured swimsuit then wear it with a cover up.

Choose a swimsuit which has ruffles or layering effect which makes you look flattering. Bathing suit that comes with a bow or knot in front can make a huge difference. If you have an hourglass then wear a two piece. If you are heavy at bottom then wear a bathing suit with inverted triangle shape.


What should you wear on a plus size first date?

First date is already something which makes us very nervous. In this situation you have to make sure that you are comfortable. Wearing something too much over the top is just not a plus size thing. You should always make sure to choose your dress based on the place and surroundings you are going.

For a casual coffee or movie date, you should go for a fun comfortable jumpsuit. V-neck Fit and Flare dress is also very flattering. Off shoulder black top with full sleeves with high waisted jeans is a good option in this situation. A black top and a black jeans with a colorful duster is also a great pick. That’s how you know what you should wear on a plus size first date.



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