What to wear to a wedding when you are fat

What to wear to a wedding when you are fat? [10 Important Tips]

What to wear to a wedding when you are fat

We all love wedding season and as soon as you get invited, you start thinking “What to wear on a wedding?”. As a plus size woman, you must be asking what to wear to a wedding when you are fat? Don’t worry girls! I have got your back. When you are fat, curvy or overweight, you should choose A-line dresses, asymmetrical tops or dresses with ruffles on a wedding.

All these dresses create a flowy glamour which absolutely enhance your curves and hide your belly fat. But there is a lot more that you need to know about what can a fat woman wear to a wedding?

What to wear to a wedding when you are fat?


Is it good to wear shapewear?


Yes, it is good to wear shapewear to enhance your curves. Shapewear comes in different shapes and sizes depending on what you want them for. Get a good quality shapewear  to do their job properly. It smooths everything whether you are size 0 or size 24.

Shapewears will be your best friend when it comes to slinky sleek dresses. You can wear different types of shapewear according to the dress you are going to carry in on wedding. But shapewear isn’t meant for everyone because I know there are a lot of girls who can not wear shapewear for various reasons. So checkout how to hide belly fat in a tight dress without wearing spanx.

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Dressy or Not Dressy?

how to dress when you are overweight


People have so many rules to follow when it comes to weddings. Some advise you should dress down; others say you should dress up. Some will advise you to avoid them, while others will not. So I’ve put it all together for you to be safe and know what to dress to a wedding if you’re curvaceous.

You can wear an off-the-shoulder dress or a cold shoulder dress with slim straps, which is not entirely off-the-shoulder. Wear a strapless bra with these gowns. Choosing an asymmetrical dress is a wise decision. It provides you a flowy style that is loose at the bottom and allows you to move freely.

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wedding guest dress for fat girl to look slim

Colours like minty blue, peachy pink, nude, or pastel shades are good to go with. If you think it is too dressy for you, then accessorize it with a thin belt to make it more casual. One of the most safest and beautiful choice to wear on a wedding is to wear a maxi dress with an empire waist and V-neckline.

Dresses with a front crossover make you appear thinner. It deflects all attention away from your stomach pooch and highlights your waist. You may also acquire these maxi dresses with long sleeves, which disguise your large arms while still giving you a sophisticated yet appealing appearance.

Summer Wedding Styles!

We all know that the summers are jam-packed with weddings. Some of them are garden party weddings, semi-formal weddings, and beach weddings, as shown below:

1. Beach Wedding Party

how can I hide my belly pooch in my wedding dress


For a beach wedding party, the best choice is to go with an A-line dress with spaghetti straps or a sleeveless dress. The fit-and-flare look will fit smoothly on your waist and enhance your natural curves. Another option to go with is dresses with ruffles because they look super fun and give the illusion of a slimmer fit. It camouflages all your uncomfortable parts, which you want to hide.

wedding guest dress for big tummy

Jumpsuits are one of the most trendy and always in fashion when it comes to parties. Make sure to accessorize it well, and you are all set for a beautiful beach wedding party. That’s how you know what to wear to a wedding when you are fat.

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2. Garden Wedding Party

slimming dresses for wedding guest


For a garden party, you can wear a dreamy floral maxi dress with a V-neck. Make sure that your maxi dress has an elastic waist band, which will give you an hourglass figure. Talking about body shape, here is something beautiful for pregnant ladies, learn how to style a maternity dress for a wedding. If you have a pear-shaped body or are heavy-bottomed, then this look is ideal for you.

The elastic waistband will cling to your natural high waist and completely hide your belly area. Consider the colour of the season, and the most appropriate colours would be pastels, or you can also go for bright colours.

plus size maxi dress for wedding guest

It’s always better to overdress than underdress. So if you want to wear a cute and classy hat to a garden wedding party, then go for it. You can always take it off if you feel like you don’t really fit into the crowd and are a little bit overdressed.

To learn more, here’s the ultimate guide to select plus size formal dresses for weddings.

3. Cocktail Wedding Party

wedding outfits for short fat ladies


As a plus-size wedding guest, wear a royal maxi dress or bodycon dress to a cocktail wedding party. An illusion neckline will enhance your formal evening look. If you want to know more about necklines, then check out this complete guide about the best necklines for a plus-size woman.

A maxi dress with a shape that tends to fit and flare will be the cherry on top. Dresses with sequence and floor length are a must-have for a cocktail wedding party. This look is so effortlessly elegant, and you must get ready to receive lots of compliments!

cocktail wedding party dress for plus size

As a plus-size woman, you should avoid mermaid-cut or straight floor-length dresses because they are only going to backfire. So wear midi dresses with asymmetrical cuts, which will camouflage the width of the body, or dresses with ruchings to give you a ‘snatched’ look.

Choose dresses with shoulder sleeves so that they hide the armpit area (if you are not comfortable in a plus size) and also give a beautiful shape to your shoulders. But if you are comfortable in your skin, a little flaunting is not bad. These are the tips for knowing what to wear to a wedding when you are fat.

4. Semi-Formal Wedding Party

what should a fat person wear to a wedding


As a plus-size wedding guest, wear a midi dress for a semi-formal wedding party. Wearing a monotone dress is better, as it represents elegance and creates a straight line, which makes you look slimmer.

semi formal wedding guest dress for plus size

A sleeveless maxi with a sweetheart neckline is the best option. The embellishment belt will make you look very ladylike and charismatic. Now you know what to wear to a wedding if you are a guest. Another option to go with is to get a one-shoulder dress with a little bit of ruffle on it.

Ruffles have the power to miraculously disappear belly fat and make you look slimmer, even if you have gained some extra pounds from that wedding cake.


What to wear on a countryside or conservative wedding?



We have all gone through days when we thought, “What to wear to a wedding when you are overweight? That’s also true when you want to look attractive at a church wedding. For a conservative wedding, as a plus-size guest, you can wear an A-line knee-length dress that is fit-and-flare or midi dresses and skirts. Make sure you are wearing a dress with sleeves so that it matches the theme. If you are wearing solid colors like red or navy blue, then you should avoid prints in these colors. You don’t want to look over the top, don’t you?

what to wear to a wedding if you have a belly

If you are wearing a dress in fun colours like mint, ocean blue, peach, yellow, etc., then there is room for prints. When trying something different than dresses, midi skirts are perfect for wedding parties.

Wearing a high neck is a must in these types of weddings. You can wear a boat, scoop, or scallop neckline to add more fun to your dress.

Balance the high neck with a long necklace, which will enhance your bust area in a subtle way. A lot of people don’t like to wear high necks, especially plus size women.

So the best option for carrying a conservative look is to go for illusion necklines. Illusion necklines are high enough and also give you free space so that your neck area looks taller. It is classy yet sassy!


What guests should not wear to a wedding? – A complete guide!

      1. Let’s start with the most obvious don’t: don’t wear a white dress or any variation of white. Be it ivory, cream, off-white, or a really light nude, because from a distance it looks like it could be a white dress. Though times have changed and a lot of people don’t mind their guests wearing white, So make sure that you are connected to the couple, and the best option is to ask them if they are okay with this or not.
      2. Don’t wear dresses that draw all the attention to the body parts that you are uncomfortable flaunting.
      3. Choose a darker color so that it makes you look slimmer. Don’t go for a flashy or very vibrant color.
      4. Don’t skip shapewear if you are going to wear light fabrics like chiffon or silk.
      5. If you want to wear black, then yes, do wear black. Black is chic and definitely acceptable for the daytime. I would suggest you wear black with floral print on it or black chiffon, something that makes it more light and romantic. But here I am telling you this in a ‘don’t’ list because there are a lot of people who still think that wearing black to a wedding is bad luck, disapproval, or something like this. So it’s better to ask this thing to the couple, and if they don’t approve it, then don’t wear it.
      6. Do not wear anything that could come off a little too hard or edgy. This includes faux black leather and black leather with a ton of studs and spikes. Try to lean towards softness or glamour.
      7. Don’t upstage the bride, but do wear patterns and color prints. It is a cheery and happy occasion; feel free to dress for it.
      8. Don’t wear anything that would be more appropriate for the bedroom or a club. For example, a really tight short dress or anything where your cleavage or your bum looks like it could fall out
      9. Don’t let your undergarments or underwear show. That includes bra straps, the back of your bra if you are wearing something low-cut in the back, or panty lines.
      10. Don’t wear jeans, denim, or leggings. It’s just too casual-looking, and there are great alternatives to that. You could wear a nice pair of tailored pants, or you could wear a pair of stockings or tights.

What to wear on a wedding when you are fat? Now you know all about this. But you may also wonder-


What should I wear if I have a fat belly?

If you have a fat belly, then you should wear dark coloured fit-and-flare dresses with ruffles, crossover at the front, or an asymmetrical cut. It’s better to wear A-line dresses with a fit-and-flare look rather than tight clothes. I prefer monotone over a lot of mix-and-match colourful dresses.

The best way to avoid attention from uncomfortable areas is to highlight a different part of your body, such as your neckline, face, or cleavage. Accessories like belts, bracelets, or a beautiful piece of jewelry can also be used to overpower your belly fat or big arms.

What do you wear to a wedding if you don’t know the dress code?

Weddings are an occasion for celebration, and we all look forward to them. So there is no point in being underdressed, even if you don’t know the theme or dress code. If you don’t know the dress code of the wedding, then go for a sophisticated cocktail dress or a semi-formal dress. You can choose the color of your dress on the basis of the time and season.

If you are going to an evening wedding in the winter, then wear dark shades such as navy blue, red, or metallic silver. But if you are going to an open-air wedding during the day, then choose pastels or nude shades. Make sure you are not over the top with the colors during the daytime.

What colours you are not supposed to wear to a wedding?

Wearing the right color depends on many factors, such as the time of the wedding, the theme of the wedding, the approval of the bride, and the color that the bridesmaids are going to wear. But the most obvious one is that the colors you are not supposed to wear to a wedding are black and white.

We all know that wearing black to a wedding is still taboo for a lot of people. There are a lot of options, girls, so there is no need to touch the unsafe zone. White is usually the bride’s color at her wedding, but there are a lot of brides who don’t find it overstaging to see their guests in white dresses.

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