What to wear on Holiday when Overweight

What to wear on Holiday when Overweight? [10 Amazing Destination]

What to wear on Holiday when Overweight

Holiday fashion is so much fun because there is no work, no office, no college, no dress code. You can wear just what you want. But there comes a time when you might be thinking what to wear on holiday when overweight? If you are plus size, sometimes it could be hard to find vacation outfits which are also flattering for a curvy figure. After reading this you will be an expert on how to dress a fat body for holiday.


What to wear on Holiday when Overweight?


1. Feminine and Flattering!

flattering holiday wear


When you are overweight or plus size on holiday, wear outfits that are dressy and feminine. You can wear a bodysuit on top with a flowy wrap skirt. Yes! Remember this golden rule of tight top with loose bottom or vice versa. The best thing about bodysuit is that instead of tucking a shirt in and having a bunch underneath the skirt. It really smooths everything out and you don’t have to worry about anything getting caught up.

The firm fitting bodycon top hugs your curves which is pretty much skin tight. That means it needs to be balanced with a loose bottom. Tie the wrap skirt a little bit higher which gives it a high waisted look. That way it flows and contours your curves and gives an illusion of an hourglass figure.


2. Less is more!



On vacations, you would want less to be more, wear a one piece outfit like rompers. Trust me, you gonna love it and pretty much want to live in it throughout the summers. It is very comfortable, light and flattering which is basically simple and effortless which sums up the summer style.

Rompers with an elastic waist are cherry on cake. It defines your figure and gives your body a definition. This elastic also holds the excess cloth giving it a pumpy and effortless look.

Off shoulder crop top is also a great option which you can wear with a mesh skirt or even a maxi skirt. Denim jackets are actually one of the underrated pieces. Take a denim jacket with a little bit of embroidery on it and wear it with a monotone all white top and pants. Its very much suitable for the day time.


3. Casual Summer Outfits!

bodysuit and denim


For a casual summer holiday outfit, take a bright coloured bodysuit and pair it up with denim high waisted shorts. Since the outfit is fitting from top and bottom, balance it with a flowy kimono. Kimono gives you more coverage around your arms, back of your thighs and adds a pop of colour.

Grab a flowy short with an elastic waist because it doesn’t squeeze your legs. All girls with thick thighs should definitely consider these types of shorts. Pair it up with a crop top which has an elastic set at the bottom of the top. This creates a loose effect that draws less attention to your tummy. It creates a more subtle crop top look. This outfit is a great example of a balanced look which still shows some skin.

The top and bottom are both pretty loose but since it exposes your tummy in between. So this still gives your body plenty of definition.


4. There is no vacation without a bikini!


Perfect balance is a great way to style a classic bathing suit bottom. They are cute and very summery. No matter what size you are, just don’t be afraid to wrap a bikini this summer. Your body is amazing and beautiful so don’t let any fears or anyone’s opinion hold you back from showing it off.

Monokinis are one of the best thing to wear on holiday when overweight.  Monokinis with a crisscross detail bring attention to your waist. Make sure it comes with adjustable straps or built in underwire to provide full support. Strapless bikini top with a big bow and pair it with a high waisted bottom is very trendy when you involve any kind of leafy or floral pattern on it.

You can also pair your dark colour bikini with a light and bright coloured kimono. It will give you coverage as well as comfort to have all the fun.


5. Fashion on a cruise!

maxi dress


When wondering about plus size cruise wear outfits, grab a white bodysuit and style it with denim high waisted shorts. You can also accessorize it with a belt to grab more effortless attention. This outfit is simple, cute, comfortable and budget friendly. A bodycon dress with a spaghetti strap with a high split is a perfect choice for a beautiful evening on cruise. Trust me, it does wonders!

Cruise vacation is incomplete without a maxi dress, isn’t it? Get a sea breeze flair with a white top along with a printed maxi skirt. You can also go with a bright coloured summer maxi dress with a thin belt on your waist. While taking a sun bath on a cruise, you can wear a bandage bikini with a knitted or mesh cover to create a tropical beachwear look.

Don’t forget to get a strapless jumpsuit with interesting colours and patterns. The best part is that you can wear it with sandals and also with heels.


6. All about resort wear!

resort wear


Who doesn’t want to look perfect in a luxurious resort? There are a lot of ways you can look chic, classy and attractive with all your curves. Get a tie top with and pair it with palazzo pants. I love that this outfit can do anything, it can go from day to night easily. It’s incredibly comfortable. You will never feel like you are being restricted with your plus size.

If you are not a pants person and rather go for jeans, then checkout this complete guide about your perfect jeans for every body type and every occasion.

You can also wear an off-the-shoulder dress with bell bottom sleeves. It’s so hard not to put this in every single day. I love the fact that you can just throw it on and look super sophisticated and dressed up and yet very comfortable. Palazzo pants are best for plus size women with pear body shape because the openness and width of the neck balance your bottoms.

How can we ignore the fact that bell bottom sleeves are not just hiding your big arms but also making it look slimmer. Don’t worry I did not forget about your beautiful date night or an evening party. A maxi dress, formal evening gown or a spaghetti strapped bodycon dress is enough to create the charm.


7. Winter and Fall Vacations!

bodycon dress


I always wonder why people don’t talk about it. Yes! Most of the people have their vacation in winter and fall too. How can we forget about vacations in Europe? Now you must be thinking, what to wear on holiday when overweight? I have got your back! For a day time, a brown nude coloured bodycon dress with nude shoes is a perfect choice.

On a random street walk, you can wear a sleeveless maxi dress or a jumpsuit with a V-neck so that it enhances your waistline and makes you look taller. A-line midi dress with spaghetti straps and is an excellent choice for a beautiful vacation dinner. Care about holidays in winter, learn how to slay vacations in cold destinations.

How can you not be romantic on a Europe trip? Take a white off-the-shoulder peplum top with bell bottom sleeves and a sweetheart neck and pair it with blue skinny jeans. This outfit is so romantic, soft and elegant that your partner won’t stop looking at you.

Can we talk about Disneyland in Paris? I am sure you will definitely go there on your trip. A white sweater with a black leggings or skinny pants is something you can try. A floral or polka dot dress is perfect for this occasion! A pink nude shade top with a black jeans and cute black barrette is definitely worth a try for your trip to Eiffel tower.


8. Accessorize like a pro!



Most of the time when we are packing for our beach vacation, we pick up shorts and spaghetti tops and then we crib that tops are not meant for us. But do you know how to accessorize it correctly? First and foremost, choose your spaghetti tops that are asymmetrical in shape and pair them with casual skirts. This will not only make you look fabulous but it is a lot more comfortable.


Accessorize your spaghetti top with a sarong as it’s a great combination and looks fabulous on the beach.

Pair the shorts with a beach kaftan or a long t-shirt which is too smooth to trade otherwise. I know how we love maxi dresses but instead of a traditional maxi , you may try an asymmetrical maxi dress. This definitely looks more fun and flowy and makes you look slimmer.




When you are selecting your dresses, try to choose A-line dresses. You can go bizarre with the colour you choose but keep the cut simple. Style them with scarfs, hats and minimal jewelry.


What to wear on holiday when overweight? Now you know all about this. But you may also would like to know-


How do you look cute if you are fat?

Just because you are plus size or curvy doesn’t mean you have to forego looking cute. One of the best ways to dress cute is to put on a nice flowy dress with an empire waist. When choosing a dress when you want to look cute if you are fat is to choose fabrics that are not going to be too clingy to your body. You want to make sure that something that’s free-flowing and not tight fitted.

You can also wear a crop top and style it with a pair of high waist pants which covers your belly fat and makes you look slimmer and very cute. If you are not a pant person then style your crop top with a high waisted A-line skirt. If you are a plus size teenager then checkout this detailed guide on How to look fashionable as a plus size teenager. Thank me later!


How can I hide my lower belly pooch?

People usually say that in order to hide your belly fat, you need to wear baggy clothes. But most of the time when you wear baggy clothes, you look much bigger than your actual size.

Hide your lower belly pooch with a longer top because it hits a couple inches below your waist band which elongates your mid section and makes it look slimmer. You can also go with a peplum because it is something that fits nicely at the waist. It flatters out where a pooch would be so it really conceals your lower belly fat. This also gives you a room to sit with having a roll.

If you are trying to conceal your tummy then do not wear shirts that hit exactly at the top of the waistband of your pants. Another thing you need to stay away from is a tiny belt. Obviously, if you are going to wear the belt high up at your natural waist then it’s fine. But never wear a tiny belt along the biggest part of your stomach because you are literally drawing a line around the circumference of that area.


Does shapewear flatten the stomach?

Usually shapewears are used to smooth things out under your garment. So, Yes, shapewear does flatten your stomach when you are wearing it. It smooths out all the belly bulge, rolls, love handles, even when you are sitting. Isn’t it great? There are various types of shapewear or spanx to experiment with.

Some shapewear comes in the form of high waisted panties with a tummy tucker which is very helpful when you are wearing a backless dress. Butt pushup shapewear is something which is worth a try because it gives your bottom an attractive look in a bodycon dress.

But shapewear is not for everyone because there are a lot of people who can not wear it on a daily basis. It is very difficult to wear in summers because it causes warmth and sweat and sometimes rashes too. So, to know how to hide belly fat in a tight dress without wearing spanx? Checkout this complete guide !



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