How to wear Maternity dress for a wedding? [10 Essential tips]

how to wear maternity dress foe a wedding

how to wear maternity dress foe a wedding

We all love to attend weddings and to be a part of someone’s special day. But at the same time, whenever we receive a wedding invitation, it makes us very nervous. We start thinking what to wear, how to style our dress and what not. The hustle becomes harder when you are pregnant, because most of us have a lot of maternity dresses during pregnancy. That makes us think ” How to wear maternity dresses for a wedding?”

Weddings can have different themes like cocktail weddings, beach wedding, garden wedding or black tie wedding etc.. But you don’t want to spend a lot on these dresses because you are aware of the fact that you won’t need them after some time.

Some people choose to buy a new dress for this occasion and some choose to rent dresses. But either you are buying or taking a dress on rent, you need to understand how to get the perfect dress and to style it in the most gorgeous way possible. That’s why I am here to help all Mom-to-be to look their best with that beautiful pregnancy glow.

How to wear maternity dress for a wedding?


Fall Formal Wedding.

maternity dress for fallWhenever you get a wedding invitation in fall, a lot of people get confused on what to wear and what not to wear. Especially when it comes to colour and to relate it with a wedding theme. So, for a formal wedding in fall, you can choose to wear a fall burgundy, one shoulder,  knee length maternity dress. You can also choose other fall colours.
Knee length dresses are modest to wear at a formal wedding but make sure that you have tried it before the wedding to see if the length is till the knees with that beautiful baby bump. Nude or black strap heels would be perfect for this look. You can accessorize it with gold jewelry because it will match this dress very well.

Make sure the dress you choose, has a stretchy and soft fabric material so that you don’t feel uncomfortable in it. Style this look with neutral makeup and beautiful eye makeup.

Summer Garden Wedding.

maternity dress for summerIf you do not want to flaunt your baby bump a lot then the best outfit for you is a simple solid top with a high waisted floral knee length skirt. Florals in general are perfect for summer garden weddings.

You can get a skirt designed especially for maternity which is normally high on the front and low on the back side. By using these simple styling you can easily know how to wear a maternity dress for a wedding. Accessorize it with a simple necklace and natural makeup as your dress is already doing the charm.

For a second dress, you can wear a simple floral semi sheer maternity long maternity dress and style it with small beautiful jewelries with a beautiful low side bun. Colours like Mint, Nude pink, sea green and light blue are perfect for this occasion. Now you know how to wear maternity dress for a wedding when it comes to summer garden weddings.

Cocktail Wedding.

maternity dress for cocktail weddingIf you want to feel super comfortable while looking glamorous then you should go for a black evening gown or a black maternity dress that has slit on it. Make sure that the material of this dress is stretchy and soft where your belly bump fits perfectly in that dress.

The best neckline that you should go for is V-neck or off-shoulder. It suits the best cocktail theme and draws attention to you completely. Accessorize this look with big but lightweight earrings. This will balance the simplicity of your dress and enhance your face and neck area.

A lot of people don’t like to wear black maternity dresses but this statement needs to get updated. Black gowns can be very classy even when you have a baby bump.

Whenever you think about how to wear maternity wedding guest dresses. You can choose a dress with plunge neck velvet gown with full sleeves.

Wear this in colours like red or emerald green which looks good on any skin tone. A deep slit in the front in this type of outfit can create an amazing charm.


Beach Wedding.

maternity dress for beach weddingWondering what can a pregnant woman wear to a wedding at a beach? Beach weddings are unique events to dress for. Although the good weather is usually guaranteed, the other elements aren’t always as easy to predict. The best option to choose for a beach wedding is  floaty dresses. This is because floaty dresses are a great option for a beach wedding. They keep you cool and comfortable all day long.

Wear a maxi dress as they are great at the beach. They flow with the wind and are super comfortable. You can style it with a cute pair of sandals. Second option is knitted dresses. Knitted dresses are airy and you won’t get hot in the humidity of the beach.

Beaches tend to be hot, humid, windy, hot or all three. So you want to make sure that whatever you are picking out is a light fabric whether it’s chiffon, cotton or cotton blend. One of the trendy fabrics at beach weddings is linen because it’s so classic and it never goes out of style.


Maternity Style Essentials-


  1. Get yourself some amazing T-shirts in maternity sections. These are a must haves. A lot of pregnant moms like to wear these types of dress more often. This is because they want to flaunt their beautiful baby bumps in fitted styles and feel comfortable at the same time.
  2. One of the most important maternal essentials are super comfortable underwear. They should not hurt or dig into the bump. It should also be super easy to hide underneath bodycon dresses. This is because a lot of pregnant moms like to wear bodycon dresses to flaunt the baby bump.
  3. You need to have a jean extender which is such an amazing thing. It extends the use of your pre-pregnancy pants when you are in the very beginning stages of your pregnancy.
  4. Choose a perfect leggings for yourself with thin and stretchy leggings which don’t cut off or dig into the bump.
  5. If you are someone who doesn’t like maternity jeans or you find them a bit expensive then go for a high rise or boyfriend jeans.
  6. Tanks are awesome when you are pregnant because they can transform into anything you want them to be. You can wear them underneath kimonos, jackets or sweaters.
  7. There are some cute affordable and fitted maternity dresses out there which you really need. These are very useful when your thighs grow and rub against each other. At that time you need to wear comfortable and flattering dresses like these.
  8. If you like to layer your outfit then you must have denim jackets to layer maternity dresses. A cool jacket with details is what’s gonna take those simple basic pieces up a notch.  So if you want to wear comfortable casual style and add denim into it to elevate the look. It’s so easy to do that while looking fashionable.
  9. A chambray layer is also a great piece for spring to have. This is perfect to layer over these comfortable basic dresses that you are going to get. Just cut the sleeves, put on some sandals and there is your great casual outfit.
  10. You need to slip on some comfortable shoes. You do not want to mess with some tennis shoes, tie up shoes or heels as you get bigger. Get yourself classic slip on sandals so that you don’t need someone to help you every time you have to go out.


How to wear maternity dress for a wedding? Now you know all about it . But you may also wonder-

How can I hide my belly in a wedding dress?

You can hide belly fat in a wedding dress by choosing the correct shape for your wedding dress. In order to hide your belly fat, choose an A-line dress. You can also choose a Fit-to-Flare wedding dress. These shapes will hide your belly instantly while drawing attention to the upper part of your body. For a complete guide, checkout What to wear to a wedding when you are fat?

The next thing you can do is to get an inbuilt corset dress. Wearing a spanx under a wedding dress is also a great option to hide your belly.


How do you hide a baby bump in a wedding dress?

You can hide a baby bump in a wedding dress by styling your dress in a way where it draws less attention to your mid section. First of all you need to know your bump size. If your bump size is small then it can be easily hidden by wearing high waisted leggings under a wedding dress. You can also hide it by using an embellishment belt in your mid section to cover your bump.

If your bump size is big then you need to get a ball gown shaped wedding dress. This will easily hide your baby bump while giving you a princess look. If you want to know how to hide your belly without wearing a spanx then checkout this complete guide.


Can a woman wear dress pants to a wedding?

Yes, you can wear dress pants to a wedding. Nowadays, there are so many variations and styles when it comes to events such as weddings. One of them is also dress pants and yes, it is totally acceptable to wear pants to a wedding. Most of the time it also depends on the theme of the wedding. But as long as you are dressing appropriately, it is all good.

One of the best ways to wear dress pants to a wedding is to wear a jumpsuit. They are trendy and very fashion forward. Choose a beautiful jumpsuit or pants with a correct blouse and accessories and you are good to go.


What dresses should you not wear to a wedding?

Dresses you should not wear to a wedding are the ones which are inappropriate for the theme. If you are attending a black-tie wedding but dressing too casual for it. Then this will be a total disaster. Avoid controversial colours like white and black. Don’t try to overpower the bride by dressing too revealing or sparkly. It’s the bride’s big day, not yours.

Do not wear denim or leather shirts, shorts, jackets or anything like that. If you are going to a church wedding do not wear something which overrules any law of the church. Last but not the least, always follow the dress code.








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