how to dress nicely as a plus size woman in winter

How to dress nicely as a plus size woman in winter? [15 Important tips]

In order to look our best we need to be updated about the fashion and the seasonal trends. But your goal should always be the same throughout every season and every trend. You can dress nicely as a plus size woman in winter by looking for the styles that work well on your body and keep you warm as well.

Being warm in winter should be your first priority and that usually takes precedence when you plan an outfit. Let’s dig in and learn how you can plan your outfit by keeping up with different essential factors-


How to dress nicely as a plus size woman in winter?


A classic wardrobe!

coats for plus sizeTo dress in winter, a basic black turtleneck and a camel coloured coat is something that every woman must have whether she is plus sized or not. These two things are just so easy to create outfits with. They last a really long time especially if you get a turtleneck and a camel coat of good quality fabric.


Wear these two with a statement making pleated skirt and accessorize it with small boots. This is a really great winter look which you can wear to work. This is something that you can even wear to a lunch date because it is super cute.

belt coat for plus sizeFor the second classy look, you can get a belted coat in a dark and fun colour. These coats are statement making coats. The best part about these belted coats is that they give a wrap look with collars creating crossover at front.

You can pair it with a basic black turtleneck, full leather leggings and a pair of tall boots.  Long boots make the look pop in eyes and create a high fashioned outfit.


A chic casual look!

cardigan for plussize

An oversized open cardigan adds a chic casual vibe to your look. Style it with full leather leggings, a basic T-shirt and ankle boots. You can keep the t-shirt simple and basic and have some fun with the cardigan. Crop sweaters are another staple outfit to go for. To learn more, checkout to know how do you style a cropped brown sweater.

Cardigan with stripes and patterns can change the look to the best. If you are wearing it with a turtleneck then make sure to accessorize it with a beautiful necklace and you are all set to go.

A camel coloured open cardigan paired with a white or black top and jeans is a very casual everyday outfit. A thick sweater cardigan is perfect for layering over dresses, slip dresses, turtlenecks. This look is very cozy and comfortable which you want to wear everyday.


Autumn/Fall look!

fall lookWhen we are talking about how to dress nicely as a plus size woman in winter then you know an autumn or fall look is a must to talk about. You can choose a tight mini skirt in stripes or gingham print with a black full sleeve top.


Accessorize it with full boots or heels. It is going to look amazing and comfortable at the same time. The best part is that this outfit will keep you warm and on budget.

leopard print jacket for plus sizeGet yourself an attractive midi length leopard print skirt with a sleeved black top. Accessorize it with ankle length boots. Make sure to tuck the top in to give it a crop top look. Wear skirt a bit high on the waist so that it hides your belly fat and make you look taller and slimmer.

If you love cool jackets then wear a leopard print jacket over sweater. It’s cool and go very well especially in winter, after all, you need a spark in the dullness of winter.

You can also go for a simple look with a knee length dress and wear it with a leather jacket. Accessorize the dress with a belt to give you a slimmer and diva look. This outfit is very simple, classy and elegant at the same time.


Do’s and Don’ts Guide!

  1. Wear spanx under your dress because it is going to elevate your look to a much higher extent and enhance your A-game. But if spanx makes you look uncomfortable and hard to breathe then I have a complete guide for you on how to wear a tight dress without wearing spanx.
  2. Don’t wear baggy jackets and sweaters in winters because it will make you look much bigger instead of looking in shape. It makes you look boxy and makes it seem like you are trying very hard to hide your uncomfortable areas.
  3. Don’t wear super bright clothes when you see the spring coming. Keep it neutral and soothing.
  4. Don’t wear tight on tight. When you are wearing a tight top then don’t match it with tight leggings because this will make all your chubby areas more visible. When wearing a loose top then pair it up with leggings or skinny jeans.
  5. When wearing a horizontal stripes then pair it with a jacket or cardigan. Layering is very important and it helps break your outfit and makes it look a lot more put together.


Winter Wardrobe Essentials!

Here is a winter wardrobe essentials which is not just practical but also budget friendly and fashionable at the same time.

  1. If you don’t always have thermals then you can wear a simple long sleeve top with leggings. Make sure the leggings are high waisted to not just tuck your tummy but also to keep you warm.
  2. Sweaters made of thin materials are also a must have because thin fabric doesn’t add any extra pounds. Pair it with leggings or pants and beautiful shoes.
  3. Chunky oversized woolen sweaters are a good choice if you wear it with shorts and long boots. To keep you more warm, you can pair it up with skin sized jeans.
  4. A white turtleneck sweater dress because obviously we all love dresses. In order to make it more practical you can get a sweater dress which you can accessorize with bigger belts.
  5. Long oversized cardigan is best for an everyday casual look. It gives you layering which is a great tool for a plus size woman to look slimmer. This will keep you warm as well so cardigan checks all the list.
  6. We all love scarfs during the winter because it is an excellent way to keep your throat and your chest warm. There are a multitude of different fabrics that you can use for scarfs.
  7. A great coat is another winter essential. It is the very first thing that people see in the winter time. You want to make sure that your coat is congruent with the style of clothing that you are wearing.
  8. Boots are stylish, always in trend and also keep you warm. In winter you don’t want to have exposed toes or exposed heels. Whether ankle boots or knee high boots, pair them according to your dress and you are all set to go.
  9. Leather jackets, faux leather jackets or moto jackets are great essentials to add in your winter wardrobe. These are modern classic wardrobe basics that come back season after season. It is one of my favorites and best for any rocker chic soul!
  10. Sweater shaver is a must-have in anyone’s wardrobe because all sweaters, pants and coats will peel at one point or another. It’s not a sign of poor quality but it’s just a sign of quality because it gets balled up due to friction and it’s all normal.

Now that you know how to dress nicely as a plus size woman in winter. You may also wonder-

What looks best on a plus size?

A-line, fit and flare dresses or dresses that beautify your curves and hide your belly fat and love handles look best in plus size. Use dresses or tops with V-neck or Scoop neck to draw all the attention away from your midsection. Tops with crossover in front and peplum are best to create a beautiful illusion where you can avoid your belly bulge.

Layering is key for plus size dressings because it cuts off your plus size figure and only enhances your best part. Play with prints and stripes also but make sure you are using small prints because bigger prints make you look bigger.

What do you wear on a cruise when plus size?

When you are a plus size, wear flowy, light and floral dresses on a cruise. Maxi dresses and sundresses an ideal dress to wear on cruise. You can also wear a jumpsuit because it is very trendy and fashionable.

It’s the best time to let go of your worries and enjoy so don’t restrict yourself from flaunting. Wear tankinis, monokinis with kimono or mesh cover depending upon the skin you want to flaunt.

Wear florals prints and bright colours and accessorize it with hats, scarfs or attractive sunglasses. Check out what to wear on holiday when overweight, for a complete guide!

Do wrap dresses hide tummy?

Yes, wrap dresses do hide the tummy when you wear a shapewear or spanx under the dress. It is a major misconception that wearing a baggy or loose cloth will hide your tummy. Well, maybe it does hide the tummy to an extent but it will make you look much bigger than your actual size.

Wear a wrap dress with a crossover in front or with an empire waist with a shapewear underneath the dress. It will miraculously hide your tummy and give you a classy hourglass figure. It will also make you look taller and slimmer with the best proportion.



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