How do I dress to look thinner in a Prom dress

How do I dress to look thinner in a Prom dress? (20 Amazing Ideas)

How do I dress to look thinner in a Prom dress

We all have to agree that high school days are some of the most memorable and best days of our lives. Prom is something we all wait for. Everyone wants to look perfect on prom to cherish these memories throughout their lives.

No matter if you are overweight or recently gained some pounds. You can still look your best. During my high school days, I had the same question. How do I dress to look thinner in a prom dress? So, here are some tips and tricks to help you be your own prom queen!

How do I dress to look thinner in a Prom Dress?


1.Choose the right undergarments.


Choosing the right intimates is very important. Most people ignore this step. But this plays a major role in providing good shape. If you are new to this, then get professional help at any lingerie shop. To look thinner, get yourself a perfect undergarment that gives you full support.

This should lift and shape your breasts and buttocks. Make sure you are choosing the intimates according to the dress you are going to carry. Do not compromise your comfort. So go for a skin-friendly material that does the work.

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2. Shape it with a shapewear.


Many times we see plus size girls in attractive shapes on prom, and then we wonder, “How do I look skinnier in a prom dress? Now you know the secret. Shapewear is a magical way to get in good shape instantly because it removes all your bulges and smooths out your body in a dress.

To avoid shapewear, here’s how to hide belly fat without wearing shapewear. No matter if you are wearing a short prom dress or a gown, Shapewear comes in all sizes and lengths to help you. If you are not a shapewear person, then choose a dress that has a silhouette. Dresses with in-built tummy tucks are good to go with. This way, you can look slimmer in a prom dress with all your comfort.


3. All about colours.

plus size prom dress color

There is no doubt that colors can really affect how you look. The right color gives you the right look. To look slimmer in a prom dress, you need to go for darker colours. A monochrome dress gives you a slimming effect. It makes you look taller as well.

You can also play with darker colours according to your skin tone. Take what suits you the best. Neutral colours can also create charm. These colours are flirty, trendy, and have a slimming effect. Avoid flashy or bright colours. If you are going to wear stockings, then make sure they are black.

Talking about colors, here’s a complete to know what colors make you look fat.


4. What’s your figure type?

  • Pear shaped body

Pear shaped body

You can look thinner in a prom dress by choosing one according to your body type. This body type is probably A-shaped. Pear-shaped bodies have heavy and broader bottoms. You need to balance your upper body and your lower body. For a pear-shaped body, choose an A-line prom dress to make it fit on your busts and flare on your hips.

This will divide your body in good proportion. You can also go for a small princess dress. This will hide your heavy bottom and enhance your breasts and waist. Off-shoulder dresses are an ideal option for this body type.

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  • Hourglass body type

Hourglass body type


The hourglass body type is the most feminine body type. That’s why you need to dress classily and modestly. For an hourglass body type, it is best to choose a body fitting evening gown. A sweetheart neckline is perfect for this body type.

A mermaid dress or a gown with slits will attract all eyes to you. Wrap dresses with a V-neck will look the most flattering on this body type. Since you are already attractive in this hourglass figure, here’s how you can transform yourself to look the hottest version of yourself.


  • Apple shaped body type

apple shaped
(Getty Images)

As an apple-shaped body type, I often used to think, “How do I dress to look thinner in a prom dress? A round or apple-shaped body type is not defining. If you have an apple body shape, then you need to choose a waist-defining prom dress. V-neck or criss cross prom dresses are perfect for this body type.

This body type should completely avoid evening gown prom dresses and go for short A-line prom dresses. Flaunt your legs and shoulders to give proportion to your body.

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5. Cuts, Prints and Patterns.

Cuts, Prints and Patterns


To look slimmer in a prom dress, you need to know all about the right dress. Wrap dresses, crisscross patterns, and structured dresses are a must have to look thinner in a prom dress. You need to minimize your midsection as much as you can.

Select a prom dress that naturally clinches on the smallest area of your waist and highlight it. Choose a deep V-neck or sweetheart neck to create a focal point. This swayed all the attention from your belly to your face.

If you are selecting a prom dress that has lace, prints, or patterns, Then go for small prints and patterns. These prints or embroidery camouflage the area that you are not confident about. Bigger prints will look very overpowering. It will make you look bigger.


6. Sparkle with accessories.

Sparkle with accessories

Many people don’t realize the importance of using accessories in the correct way. Accessories are the best to play with, when it comes to looking slimmer. With the help of these, you can draw attention wherever you want. Also, hide whatever you want to hide.

Wearing an embroidered belt around your waist is really helpful. A simple belt will tend to be camouflaged by your dress. So it’s better to wear a shiny, wide belt. To know more, here’s a guide to accessorize plus size formal jewelry with dresses.

When selecting shoes, choose stilettos with pencil heels. It creates the illusion that you have shed extra pounds from your legs. It also gives you an open look and makes you look smaller. Decide the colour of your shoes based on your skin tone. But make sure you go for the nude instead of any coloured sparkly, heavy shoes.

If you are wearing a sweetheart neck, then add some sparkly lace on the border. It instantly catches all attention on your neckline and bust. It is a very useful trick when your body shape is pear-shaped. If you don’t want to add the lace, then carry a sparkly necklace. It will do the same job.

You must be thinking, “How can I hide my arms in a sleeveless dress? One of the smartest ways to hide fat and flabby arms is to wear a shiny bracelet. This overpowers your big arms and draws all eyes to that beautiful bracelet or ring.


7. What should you Avoid on Prom?

What should you not wear to prom:

  1. One of the things you should not wear if you are fat are thick and hard fabric which makes you uncomfortable. This increases volume around your body and makes you look fat.
  2. Never choose a white dress for your prom. Remember, this is a prom, not a wedding.
  3. Make sure you stand out for all the right reasons. So avoid any casual dresses like denim, leggings, etc.
  4. Completely avoid see-through dresses. This is going to be a memory for your lifetime, so do not make it embarrassing!
  5. Always remember that sparkles and embroideries are just to sprinkle. Not to pour. So don’t wear something over the top.
  6. Avoid big, tacky, and bright-colored shoes.
  7. Avoid flats or sneakers. It makes you look bigger and shorter. It also adds a few pounds.
  8. When wearing a V-neck neckline, be cautious not to go too deep and expose yourself.
  9. Avoid any horizontal stripes or patterns. This makes you look bigger and wider.
  10. Avoid dresses that have a lot of colors. You don’t want to look like a rainbow!

How do I dress to look thinner in a prom dress? Now you know all about this. You may also wonder-

What do you wear under a tight prom dress? 

Wear shapewear under a tight dress because this will smooth out your figure. To learn more, check out how to look smooth in a tight dress. If you are wearing a backless prom dress, then you can wear a backless front bra to give you good support. It’s much better to wear a backless bra than just a nipple cover.

Wear high-waisted tummy-tucking underwear to look slimmer in a prom dress. You can also wear corsets to create the illusion of a small waist and fuller hips. Make sure that whatever you are wearing under your prom dress should not make visible lines or bumps from the outside.


How can I look thinner in an evening gown?

Recognizing your body shape is a very important step. To look thinner in an evening gown, choose a formal evening gown according to your body type. Avoid sleeves and wear a sleeveless gown. A small belt creates a noticeable charm. Don’t let your hair hang over your shoulders.

A hair bun or an updo is the most suitable hairstyle to go with. A spaghetti strap is also a good option in order to look thinner in an evening gown. It provides support, and it is very comfortable as well.

Use a light and fluid fabric that doesn’t add any extra pounds to your look. Carry big earrings so that they attract attention around your face and upper body parts. Evening gowns with vertical patterns or sequences give a slimmer and taller illusion.


What is the most flattering dress length?

The most flattering length is somewhere near the knee, where it could be above the knees or below the knees. For a plus-size figure, you should go for dresses above the knee. We should always make our choices based on the final look. Anything that adds fewer pounds is good to go with.

Short dresses like fit-and-flare, A-line, or straight dresses make our bodies look smaller. The length of the dress also helps in determining a balanced proportion to our body. Dresses that are just above or just below our knees make us look taller, slimmer, and younger.

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