How do You Hide a Muffin Top With High Waisted Jeans? [20 Fat Body Type]

How do You Hide a Muffin Top With High Waisted Jeans

How do You Hide a Muffin Top With High Waisted JeansA lot of people gain most of the weight around their stomach. To hide all that expansion, they look around and find that high waisted jeans are the key. But that leads them to ask – How do you hide a muffin top with high waisted jeans?

I have seen a lot of women going to the extent and start wearing maternity jeans, when they aren’t even pregnant! Though you know that high waisted jeans might help to hide your tummy, it’s still a challenge how to style them and what is the right type of jeans for your plus size body type.


How Do You Hide a Muffin Top with High Waisted Jeans?

1.  What Jeans to Wear if You Have a Tummy?

Here are the different types of jeans that you can wear according to your body type:

  • Jeans for Pear Body Shape

Jeans for Pear Body Shape

Opposite of inverted triangle is a triangle or pear shaped body. Pear shaped body is when your hip measurements are larger than your bust and shoulders. If you are a triangle shaped body type, straight jeans do help to balance out the hips. Wear high waisted straight jeans if you have a big stomach.

Don’t wear full-on flared jeans but rather choose tapered or straight legs. A lot of times ladies don’t like those 100% cotton, rigid jeans but that can really serve you as built-in spanx.

Talking about spanx, here’s how you can hide belly fat in a tight dress without wearing spanx. Wear blousy top on top of your straight jeans to balance the look as well as your body shape.

  • Jeans for Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Jeans for Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Inverted triangle body type means that you are wider at the upper part means your shoulder and bust area are bigger than your hip measurements. When you have an inverted triangle body shape, wear darker colours, with minimising prints on top. In contrast, wear lighter colours and prints on the bottom

A lot of inverted triangle plus size women think that they should go for flare or bootcut jeans, which does can balance your curves. On the other hand, ladies with inverted triangle bodies often have long and slim legs, so it’s better to highlight those legs.

Always remember to maximise your assets and minimise your problems. Show off your legs by wearing high-waisted skinny jeans and minimise upper body by wearing solid colours. V-neck tops help elongate the upper body and minimise the bust to balance the lower body. You can also go for bodysuits to give a balance shape to your body. Checkout this amazing guide to know the best plus size bodysuits for smoothing and shaping your figure.

  • Jeans for Rectangle Body Shape

Jeans for Rectangle Body Shape

Rectangular body shape means you are straight from up and down through the middle. They usually don’t have a clearly defined waist. High waisted, fitted and flared jeans are perfect for this body type.

If you are petite and plus size with a rectangular body shape, wear long wedges with these flared jeans to elongate your legs. If you are petite and plus size who’s struggling about your signature style, this complete guide will help you to become a fashionista in less than 5 mins.

  • Jeans for Hourglass Body Shape

Jeans for Hourglass Body Shape

Hourglass body shape means your bust and hips are pretty even in measurement but you have a clearly defined waist. Most of the jeans look too loose on the waist or too tight on your bum. 

Wear high waisted jeans with elastic bands so that it fits right on your waist. High waisted wide leg jeans are perfect to enhance the best asset which is your curves and that’s how you wear high waisted jeans if you are curvy.

2. How to Hide Muffin Top In Jeans?

You can hide muffin top or tummy in jeans in 3 ways:

  • Front Tuck

shirt tucking

Often when we tuck in a top we feel like we are highlighting our belly area. But if you are going to wear anything high-waisted the point of wearing that, is to show off the waist. Here are some amazing ideas to show off your waist while hiding love handles.

Covering up that whole waist, by wearing a top completely untucked over, eliminates the point of wearing high-waisted jeans or skirts. Front tucking is a great way to start with tucking especially if you are not feeling too adventurous.

Tuck your top in front and curl the edges, you can leave the back out. This way you are not going to feel that you’re completely on display. You can carry this front tuck with jackets as well. That’s how you hide a muffin top in high waisted jeans.

If you are wearing dark coloured jeans then balance the top with a light colour top and vice versa. Pick a top that has a bit of print and volume or details on it. My recommendations below are going to help you in the long run.

  • Full Tuck

How to Hide Muffin Top In Jeans

Full tuck may be a little scarier for a lot of people but it’s something that works really well. It works best when you have open necklines or tops with good volume. When doing a full tuck, see to open the collar of your shirt, fold your sleeves, or something that brings attention to your upper body.

Having a necklace or a piece of eye-catching jewellery will help a lot in distracting attention from the bottom. Keep your lower half of the body streamlined and add details in the upper area of your body. 

Sleeveless trench or a long scarf over the top of your piece is going to give you a layering effect. This makes you look longer and draws the attention away from the waist. If you want to highlight your waist, then put a belt with an eye-catching buckle.

If you are confused, get some help from my recommendation.

  • Layering

how to layer outfit when you are fat

Layering is a fantastic tip to disguise your belly pooch. Wear a monochrome outfit like black coloured jeans and a shirt. Layer it with a different and more vibrant coloured jacket on it.

It doesn’t always have to be a dark set of clothing underneath, you can go lighter as well. Make sure there’s a big contrast in those 2 layers. Having one long line of colour, all the way down to your body is really going to lengthen you and disguise your mid-section. 

Layering is a must in winters, but at the cost of fashion? Well, Not at all. Here’s how you can look hot in winters while keeping yourself warm.

3. How to Hide a Muffin Top in Leggings?

Here’s how you can hide your belly fat in leggings:

  • Postpartum Leggings

How to Hide a Muffin Top in Leggings

There are many belly band tummy tucker compression leggings out there. These leggings are especially for postpartum mums to help with their mummy tummy. You can get an amazing range of C-section pants designed especially for women who have gone through C-section.

These leggings are made of thick materials so it’s not see through at all. Such leggings are high waisted and some are so high that you can take them till your breast. These are durable and you can use them for the long run. My recommendations will help you to choose the best ones.

  • Postnatal Thin Leggings

compression leggings

If you can’t wear thick leggings and you are looking for something thin and more breathable than there are few in my recommendations. These leggings are thin but still provide full compression.

These are also high waisted but not as high as the ones I mentioned above. Such leggings come with great support and comfort. To know more about styling leggings, here’s how you can choose the best leggings according to your body type and to style them like a masterpiece.

  • High Waisted Undergarments

High Waisted Undergarments

Yes ladies! You read it right. This is the ultimate way to hide all your fupa and muffin tops. Get yourself an amazing high waisted undergarments. High waisted undergarments come with compression bands that work as a body shaper and sucks everything up. These are the most comfortable things you can find to do the job. You can also wear them to hide muffin top in high waisted jeans.

Another magical thing is a high waisted butt lifter. When you wear these butt lifters underneath your leggings, you will get amazing results. The compression band doesn’t just suck your belly fat but it also lifts your butt like you have just done some Brazilian but lift. Checkout my recommendation to get the best ones.

  • Leggings with Colours and Patterns

Leggings with Colours and Patterns

Choose leggings with patterns because with patterns, you will not be able to see your fat and pits. This is one of the best ways to camouflage your fats and cellulitis. Choose dark leggings to hide any flaps, fats or cellulitis around your waist and legs.

4. Flattering Tops to Hide Tummy

Here are some flattering tops to hide belly fat and love handles:

  • Faux or Surplice Wrap Style Tops

Flattering Tops to Hide Tummy

It’s no surprise that wraps are so flattering to all body types. It helps you to pull in the smallest part of your waist. The flowing part of the top helps to conceal your belly.

If you are a new mom or just gained some pounds, wrap tops are perfect. Go for a top that cinches in at the waist and flat out hiding your tummy.

  • Body Skimming Tops

Flattering dresses to Hide Tummy

Most of the plus size women wear baggy clothes to hide their belly fat. When you wear baggy clothes, it can make you look bigger than you actually are. Big tops are not doing you any favour and it’s not giving you any shape or structure.

Baggy clothes exaggerate your overall size. Instead, opt for body skimming tops that’s close to the skin. Tops that fit in the bust and shoulder area and gently skims over your body without being tight, are the best tops for plus size women.

I am not talking about tight tops because tight tops actually emphasise your love handles and fat. This draws attention away from you and your beautiful clothes.

  • Bodysuit 

bodysuit for fat women

Bodysuits are so flattering because they work to flatten the lower tummy area. It compresses love handles and a big stomach. I know a lot of plus size ladies find it uncomfortable because of the clip at the bottom. You just have to find the best material and fabrics that’s smooth and comfortable.

  • Ponchos 

poncho for fat women

Ponchos hides everything but the only thing you need to take in consideration is the volume proportion. Since the upper part is bigger, make sure that the lower part of your body is tailored, streamlined and fitted to your body.

Skinny trousers or leggings are the perfect combination to wear with ponchos.

  • Ruffles and Peplum

peplum tops

Finding the right peplum is slimming which definitely hides your tummy. You have to be careful when choosing ruffles. If you choose ruffles in the wrong places, it can emphasise your fatty area rather than concealing it.

Either go for ruffles which skim over your tummy to disguise your muffin top. Find peplum that’s centre seam right under the bust. Let the wideness of peplum cover your tummy and hip area. My recommendations will help you choose the right ones.

5. How to Stop Muffin Top in Shirt?

Here are some excellent ways to hide your belly fat in Shirts:

  • Oversized Shirt or Shirt Dress

How to Stop Muffin Top in Shirt

One of the easiest ways to hide belly fat in shirts is to wear oversized shirts. You can either do a front tuck or half tuck with that shirt. There’s also an option to tie it or just wear a belt on it. It looks fresh and stylish. It’s casual but you can go with this look on brunch, or even a coffee date.

For a classic and simple look just wear a shirt dress as a tunic dress. You can accessorise it with strappy shoes. If you want to go with some edgy look then add a simple vest over the shirt dress and accessories it with high top shoes or boots.

  • Blazer or Overcoat

overcoats for plus size

This is also a simple one. Just get yourself a shirt and wear it with denim shorts. Tuck the front inside the denim. Add a cool blazer on top of it. Blazer or overcoat will not just hide the muffin top but also belly fat.

This will show off your legs and because you are showing your legs, it takes the attention away from your midsection. If it’s summer out there and you don’t want to wear a blazer then just wear a bralette with denim shorts. Add a shirt on top of it like an overcoat and you are good to go.

  • Bathing Suit

When you are on the beach or at a pool party, once you are out of the water, you would want to walk on the board, or grab a drink in the bar in just a bathing suit. This is the time when you would want something to cover you up.

Put a shirt on top of your bathing suit as a cover. This look is actually a total vibe. Putting a shirt on top of your bathing suit will cover your muffin top, the fat on your back and belly.

6. How to Hide Muffin Top in Skirt?


  • High Waisted Midi Skirts

How to Hide Muffin Top in Skirt

Wear a pleated high waisted midi skirt and tuck your shirt or top under the skirt. You can also wear crop tops with this. Such midi skirts are very feminine. The high waisted part will provide you a snatched waist.

The flowiness of a midi skirt will definitely hide your muffin top and belly fat. This also elongates your legs and gives a ladylike sophisticated look. Midi skirts are best for capsule wardrobe. Talking about capsule clothing, here’s how you dress for a successful career when plus size.

  • Shapewear 

shapewear for plus size

Don’t forget to wear shapewear underneath your skirts. Shapewear is a plus size girl’s best friend. No matter what type of skirts you are wearing, shapewear will help you enhance your overall look

  • Wrap and Ruched Skirts

wrap skirts for plus size

Use wrap skirts because it’s very flattering for a plus size body shape. You can wear them with bodysuits. As bodysuits are perfect when you wear it with shapewear underneath. If you still want to come covering then put a blazer on the top. Accessorise it with a statement bag for an eye-catching look. 

Anything with ruching on it, is going to look amazing. It hides your love landles, muffin top and belly fat so well as if they aren’t even there.

  • Colour Blocking

color blocking outfits

No matter what you are wearing, whether it’s skirts, jeans, or swimsuits. The colour blocking method will help you in the long run.

If you are wearing something lighter on the upper part, make sure to wear something solid and dark on the bottom. Such solid colour will block all the attention from your midsection and enhance what is best.


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