What Clothes Suit a Chubby Girl? [25+ Questions Answered Amazingly]

What Clothes Suit a Chubby Girl

What Clothes Suit a Chubby Girl

We are in the days of Instagram and Tiktok where many of us watch these influencers looking their best. You being a plus size girl might be wondering – What clothes suit a chubby girl?

The best clothes for chubby girls are fit-and-flare ones that enhance your figure while hiding your belly fat, love handles, thighs and flabby arms. It’s always better to wear trendy flared clothes such as wide leg pants, oversized jackets and A-line dresses.

Wearing flared clothes doesn’t mean that you have to wear baggy clothes. Baggy clothes make you look bigger than you are. The best part is that we are living in such days where you don’t have to look wrapped to look cute or hot.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wear what a skinny girl wears in order to look cute, but there are still many overweight ladies that are wondering how do you dress cute if you are chubby.


What Clothes Suit a Chubby Girl?

1. What Types of Dresses Look Good on Overweight People?

There are 7 types of dresses that look good on overweight people:


  • Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses enhance your shape so that your tummy does not look as obvious. It enhance your breasts, make them look fuller and give your bottom a good shape. To give a balance shape to your figure, here’s the best plus size bodysuits for smoothing and shaping.

In addition to that, you have a distraction in the front which camouflages your belly fat. Wrap dresses are a go-to dress if you want to look feminine and put together, no matter what size you are.


  • Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses don’t make you look smaller but they don’t make you look bigger and don’t enhance your stomach as well. Shirt dresses look very polished and clean. 

Whether you are plus size women, mid-side women or smaller sized women, shirt dresses will look flattering on you. One thing about shirt dress is that you can wear it as a duster. It’s like two-in-one and that’s a great deal.

Talking about sizes, here’s how you can look taller and slimmer when you are plus size and petite.

  • Smocked Dress

Smock dresses are elasticised dresses with fine ruching. It helps to enhance your shape and minimise your tummy because they hug your busts well and swoop your midsection.

Smocked dresses are usually very ruched and fitted at the top and flow out at the bottom. You can find affordable smocked dresses everywhere. I have some great recommendations for you so make sure to check out.

  • Knot/Twisted/Draped Front Dress

This dress is going to create a greater distraction because it does the same things that a wrap dress does. Knot or draped dresses creates layers and ruching effect which cancels out the roundness of your big belly.

Wrap or knot dresses are not for everyone especially if you are extremely conscious about your big stomach. Learn how to look hot when you are fat and increase your confidence and self-esteem.

  • A-line Dress

A-line and fit-n-flare dresses are great options for chubby girls. These dresses create a flare at the bottom and add a curve to the body even when you don’t have one. You are instantly going to look smaller in the midsection because that’s what these dresses do, they are the most fitted in the midsection.

If I could just answer this question in one word that what type of clothes suit an overweight girl, I would say A-line dresses.

  • Baby Doll Dress

This is another great option to have when you are overweight. Baby doll dress cuts short right at the bust area and then flares out. Some baby doll dresses have tears or layers, some are just straight ones. Once you would put on a baby doll dress, you would know what clothes suit a chubby girl.

You can get them in short or maxi lengths. Baby doll dresses are not everyone but if you happen to like them then it will be a great addition to your wardrobe. These dresses are also best for women who are pregnant or in postpartum.

  • Kaftan Dress

A lot of people refer to kaftan dress as kimono dress. These dresses are awesome as they can look modern and put together when you choose correctly. Their cuts are a bit larger on the body, some are rectangular.

Kaftan dresses don’t add shape to your body but you can certainly belt them to enhance your curves. These are one of the most comfortable dresses and who isn’t looking for comfort, right?

2. What Should I Wear If I Have Fat Thighs?

These are the things you should wear if you have fat thighs:


  • Wide Leg Bottoms

The difference of wide leg shape versus any other bottoms is that wide legs don’t cling. Wide leg bottoms are heaven sent for women with bigger thighs. It doesn’t matter if these are wide leg jeans, wide leg pants, or wide leg jumpsuits.

Wondering about the right bottoms for your body shape? Checkout this amazing guide to learn about your perfect bottom wear and how you can remove all the imperfections around it.

Wide leg bottoms are going to be able to balance out your wider size. Not all wide leg bottoms are created for you. The key is to pay attention to the fabrics, make sure your wide leg pants are not stiff.

If they are too flimsy, that’s bad for you because you’re not going to get the draped effect that you need. You need to find the fabric that carries enough weight to drape down.

  • Fit and Flare Dresses

Fit and flare dresses are also called A-line dresses. The reason that A-line dresses are the most flattering silhouettes for women with bigger thighs is because this flare part comes with volume.

This means that the eye won’t be able to focus on your fat thighs. This should be your go-to silhouette when it comes to the dresses.

  • Flare Legs

Flare jeans and flare pants are back on trend again and this is great news for women with wider thighs. Flared pants have a wider bottom and that is a perfect way to balance out your wider hips and thighs. 

  • A-line Skirts

When it comes to skirts, ditch the pencil skirt and go with A-line skirts. Just like the A-line dresses, these skirts don’t cling and look elegant. This is the reason they are more accommodating and more flattering on women with bigger thighs.

  • Crop Tops

This may sound surprising but if you know how to make it work, they can be one of the most flattering options with women with bigger thighs. If you have thicker thighs, it’s tempting to go with longer tops because you think that it’s disguising your thighs.

When you wear crop tops, they’re further away from your thighs and buttocks. This draws attention away from your heavy bottoms. But you have to know how to pair your crop top especially when you are plus size.

Best way to wear a crop top is to pair it with A-line skirts. This combination is the most flattering for women with big thighs.

  • A-line Shorts

A-line silhouettes apply to not just dresses and skirts, they also apply to your shorts. A-line shorts are the most flattering shorts if you have big and wide thighs.

Wide leg opening in these shorts creates space around your thighs and this emphasises your size. On top of that, A-line shorts are just way more comfortable because of how spacious they are around your thick thighs.

  • Small Jackets

The problem with wearing long jackets is that wherever your jacket ends, it is going to draw attention to that area and that’s your hips and thighs. When you wear small jackets the focal point of the entire outfit is moving upwards and the eye is focused on the top half instead of the bottom.

This doesn’t apply to jackets only, but any tops you wear. If your tops are long and end right on your hips, this draws all the attention to the wide area. If you think wearing longer tops can solve your problem, it’s wrong because longer tops, especially if they are tight, make you look shorter.

If you love wearing long jackets and have big thighs then this guide will make you an influencer when it comes to layering.

  • Avoid Bias Cut

Slip dresses and slip skirts are popular and trendy. A Lot of them are cut on the bias means they are cut across. All the fabrics are made to cling to your bottom half. These are great for those who want to emphasise every inch of your curves.

If you have bigger thighs then this puts a magnifier on every part of your body that you are uncomfortable about.

  • Avoid Skinny Bottoms

You probably should be popping champagnes that the skinny bottom trend is over. Anything with skinny bottoms like skinny jeans, skinny pants, and leggings are designed to be clinging to your legs from top to bottom.

If you have bigger thighs, these skinny bottom wear are going to draw all the attention to your thighs.

  • Denim Shorts

Everybody loves denim shorts in the summer but if your thighs are thicker, they may not be your best friend. If your shorts are short, it might end on the widest part of your thighs. This can make you feel self-conscious.

If they are long, they might feel restrictive on someone with bigger thighs because of limited stretchiness. If you want to wear shorts then make sure they are of perfect length with stretchy material and are high-waisted.

  • Pencil Skirts

When you have big thighs then you should avoid light coloured pencil skirts because this can be a nightmare if your goal is to deemphasise your thighs. Also, avoid wearing long tops on pencil skirts.

Pencil skirts are tight and clingy, this means that you have to wear a loose top or shirt to balance it. Wear tops that are bright in colours or have some type of ruffles or patterns. This draws all attention to the upper body part which should be your goal.

3. What Outfits Look Good On Fat Girls?

Wear a black turtleneck with long sleeves as this will slim down your top half. Pair it with striped high waisted long line wide leg pants. Make sure the pants you are choosing have a pop of colour to balance the subtle top.

Stripes and prints like gingham, zebra stripes, leopard prints would be perfect for this look.  The best outfits that look good on fat girls are the ones where you are creating an essence of slimmer and taller body which is actually the ultimate dream of every plus size woman.

One thing that you always have to think of when you are trying to create a slimmer and sleeker silhouette is to lengthen and elongate your body. You can do this by wearing a trench coat or a long jacket in the look we mentioned above.

4. What Types of Clothes Suit a Fat Girl?

The best type of clothes for fat girls are the ones that are of your size, not tight nor baggy. For a lot of plus size women, it is quite tempting to buy clothes that are a couple of smaller sizes. They think that it might give them a snatched look but in reality, you would end up with a wardrobe full of unworn clothes.

Embrace your size and embrace who you are and shop for your size. There are few things you can keep in mind like wearing A line dresses and dresses with empire waist to look best as a fat girl.

Outfits with medium to small patterns and vertical strips are good to go with. Also, do not run from belts because belts are blessings for fat girls. Choose dresses with belts to give you a waist even when you don’t have one.

A lot of plus size women avoid belts because of their love handles, here’s how you can hide love handles in a tight dress.

5. How Do You Dress Cute if You are Chubby?

If you are chubby, you can dress cute in following ways:


  • Wear a cute short fit-and-flare dress with puffed sleeves. As far as print is concerned, choose small to medium floral print. Most of the chubby girls are heavy in their midsection so you would definitely need some distraction over there. The best way to draw attention away from your midsection is to show off your legs. Short floral dresses are usually cute and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Another way to look cute when chubby is to play with solids and florals. Wear a solid top and pair it with a flared short skirt with some cool prints on it. You can also replace the top with short sweaters. 
  • If you are a T-shirt person and you also love wearing pants then this outfit is for you. Grab your coolest t-shirt and pair it with gingham print pants. It’s totally your choice if you want to go for wide leg pants or a straight one. Just make sure you are creating a balance. If you are wearing regular straight pants then pair it with an oversized t-shirt. A small knot in front would be bad with this look.

6. What If All of My Shorts Ride Up My Thighs?

Two things to do when when your shorts ride up your thighs:

  • Loose Fit

A certain amount of ride up of shorts is inevitable, that’s just the cost of moving. But if your shorts are riding up your thighs and getting stuck then consider something a little bit looser. Go for a size loose and you won’t face this problem.

  • Stretchy Shorts

This is another way you can stop your shorts from getting riding up. Get yourself stretchy shorts. Shorts with stretch hold their shape much better than the ones without stretch.


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