What Should You Not Wear if You Are Fat? [30+ Trendy Lists]

What Should You Not Wear if You Are Fat

According to Hanesbrand‘s study, 35% of women are plus size by the age of 25 and 44% by the age of 33. Still, most of them don’t know what should you not wear if you are fat. Wearing the wrong clothes can not only make you look frumpy, but it can also accentuate your problem areas. This blog article will go over what you should not wear if you are fat. We will also provide some tips on how to dress to flatter your figure. So keep reading to find out what to avoid the next time you go shopping!

What to wear if you are fat?

Certain items of clothing should be avoided if you are carrying a few extra pounds. Here are some guidelines on what to avoid if you’re carrying extra weight:

  • Wearing clothes that are too tight will only accentuate your problem areas and make you look even bigger. Likewise, wearing baggy clothes will make you look shapeless and larger than you actually are.
  • Stick to well-fitting, flattering clothing in dark colors to give yourself a slimming effect. And avoid horizontal stripes, which will make you look wider.
  • Don’t wear horizontal stripes or patterns. They will only accentuate your width.
  • Stick to loose, flowing fabrics. For extra information, here’s a complete guide.
  • Stay away from cropped tops and short skirts. They will make your legs look shorter and your torso looks larger.
  • Say no to high heels. They will make you look top-heavy and unsteady. Opt for flats or low heels instead.
  • Ditch the big, chunky jewelry. It will add visual weight to your frame. Choose delicate pieces instead.
  • Be careful with prints and patterns. Large prints can make you look bigger than you actually are. Stick to smaller, more subtle patterns.
  • Play up your assets. Wear a skirt or dress that shows off your legs if you have them. If you have a great waistline, try a belted dress or top.
  • Choose the right shoes. High heels will make you look top-heavy, so stick to flats or low heels instead.

What should you not wear if you are fat?

There are a few fashion don’ts that can make even the thinnest person look frumpy, but when you’re carrying around extra weight, these style mistakes are amplified. If you’re on the heavier side, avoid these clothing items to look your best.

1. Tight Clothing

Skin-tight clothing may appear to showcase your curves in all the right places, but it may also highlight every hump and bump on your body. If you want to emphasize your figure, choose fitting clothing with some elasticity that will hug your body without being too restrictive.

2. Baggy Clothing

Wearing baggy clothes does nothing to flatter a plus-size figure. In fact, it can make you look larger than you really are and sloppy. Stick to well-tailored pieces that skim your curves without drowning them.

3. Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal stripes have a tendency to widen the areas they cover, so if you’re self-conscious about your stomach or hips, steer clear of this pattern. Vertical stripes, on the other hand, can actually make you look slimmer.

4. Bulky Jackets

Puffy coats and bulky jackets add unnecessary bulk to your frame and make you look larger than you really are. When shopping for outerwear, look for jackets that are tailored to fit close to your body and don’t add any extra bulk. For your help, here’s a dressing guide for winter to look slimmer and warm at the same time.

The right clothes can make you look and feel your best, no matter your size. And when you know what not to wear, you can avoid fashion disasters. If you’re carrying a few extra pounds, use these guidelines to dress your best and avoid clothing that will only accentuate your flaws.

There are a lot of fashion “rules” out there about what not to wear if you’re fat. However, there are no universally applicable laws on what plus-size women may and should not wear. There are, however, some overall suggestions that can assist you in selecting the best options for your body type.

5. Be Careful with Prints

Prints can be tricky for plus-size women. Some prints can highlight your problem areas and make them look even bigger than they are. If you’re going to wear a print, choose one that is small and subtle, or opt for a print that is strategically placed on an area of your body that you want to accentuate.

6. Play Up Your Assets

One of the best ways to dress your best is to play up your assets. Include a skirt or dress that emphasizes your legs if you have them. If you have a small waist, try a belted dress or top. Wearing clothing that accentuates your best features will make you look and feel your best.

7. Choose the Correct Shoes

Your shoes can have a major impact on how you appear and feel. High heels can make you look top-heavy and unsteady, so they are best avoided. Instead, opt for flats or low heels that are both comfortable and stylish.


What clothing is most flattering for fat people?

When it comes to clothing, there are a few things to bear in mind if you are overweight.

  • First, avoid tight-fitting clothing. This will only accentuate your size and make you look larger than you are. Instead, opt for looser-fitting clothes that skim your body and don’t cling to your curves.


  • Second, choose darker colors over light ones. Darker colors have a slimming effect, while light colors tend to make you look bigger. Third, avoid horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes will make you look wider than you are. Instead, go for vertical stripes or other patterns that can help elongate your frame.


  • Don’t be afraid to show off your shape! Dress to flatter your contours and make you feel gorgeous and secure. When you feel good in what you’re wearing, it will show and that confidence is always flattering – no matter your size.


  • Choose colors that create a slimming effect and can help to camouflage any lumps or bumps. So, if you wish to appear your best, choose dark colors like black, navy, or brown.


  • Finally, it is also worth avoiding any clothing with busy patterns or embellishments. These can often make you look bigger than you actually are. Instead, choose simple garments in solid colors for a chic and elegant look.


Tips for shopping for clothing as a fat person

There are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping for apparel as a big person.

  • First, don’t be afraid to try on different styles and sizes. You may be surprised at how something looks on you that you thought wouldn’t.
  • Second, pay attention to how the clothing feels on your body. If it is uncomfortable or doesn’t fit well, don’t buy it.
  • Third, explore your own distinct style and what helps you feel at ease in your own skin. There is no “right” way to dress as a fat person, so wear what makes you feel confident and stylish.


What clothes make you not look fat?

A-line skirts are always flattering, as are empire waist tops. And don’t forget the power of a good pair of pants with wide legs. They’ll make you look slim and stylish in an instant. Many individuals are aware that high-waisted and wide-leg pants are designed to conceal bulges. However, the majority of them do not know how to make the most of it. Here’s a step-by-step guide to hiding belly fat and a muffin top with wide-leg jeans.

The most crucial thing to consider is to dress in attire that tends to make you feel secure and at ease. That said, there are certain silhouettes and styles that can help you look your best. For example, empire waist dresses and tops are flattering on most body types, as they draw attention to the smallest part of your waist.

A-line skirts or pants also create an illusion of a smaller waistline. And when in doubt, always remember that fitted clothing is more flattering than loose, baggy pieces. There you go, now you know what should you not wear if you are fat.


What should you avoid if you want to look your best?

  • First and foremost, stay away from anything that’s constricting. This will only highlight any areas you’re self-conscious about.


  • Second, steer clear of anything with too much fabric or draped details; these can add bulk and make you look larger than you are.


  • Lastly, don’t be hesitant to try on various silhouettes and cuts until you discover what is most suitable for your body frame.


  • Choose tops that are fitted or tailored at the waist to give you a more hourglass-like shape.


  • Go for pants or skirts with a high-waisted cut – this will help to elongate your torso.


How to Dress When You Are Fat?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this dilemma, as the optimal method to dress when you are big depends on your specific body frame and stylistic choices. Nevertheless, here are some general recommendations that might assist you in looking your finest while you are bearing additional weight:

1. Prints

You should avoid clothes with busy prints or loud colors as these can be very unflattering on a larger frame. Stick to solid colors or simple patterns that will not draw attention to your size.

2. Shoes

When it comes to shoes, it is best to avoid high heels as they can make you look even taller and larger than you already are. Instead, opt for flats or low-heeled shoes. You may dress in a manner that compliments your form while also making you feel confident and stylish by embracing these basic style guidelines.

3. Avoid Tight-Fitting Clothing.

Skinny jeans may be in style, but they are not your friend if you are trying to hide a few extra pounds. Choose leaner clothing that will sweep over your problematic places and help you appear more attuned.

4. Don’t be Afraid of Color or Patterns.

Wearing dark colors can cause you to appear bulkier than you are, thus don’t be hesitant to try vibrant colors and daring patterns.

5. Choose Supportive Undergarments.

A good bra can make or break the way your clothes fit, so spend on a couple of well-fitting (and flattering) choices. The same goes for shapewear – a little extra support in the right places can go a long way toward achieving a slimmed-down look.

The same holds true for shapewear: slight additional structure in the proper places can go a far toward creating a thinner aesthetic. But, the truth is, there are no fashion rules when it comes to being overweight. You can wear whatever makes you feel at ease and confident in yourself.

When it comes to shapewear, there are those who desire to cover belly fat but despise wearing it. Here’s a detailed guide on how to hide tummy fat in a tight dress without wearing Spanx.


Here are a few tips on how to dress when you are fat.

  • Wear clothing with texture

Texture can also help downplay your size. So, opt for fabrics like tweed or corduroy instead of smooth fabrics like satin or silk.

  • Accessorize

Accessories can help draw attention away from your problem areas and focus on your best features. So, don’t be afraid to add a statement necklace or scarf to your outfit.


What not to wear if you have a big tummy?

If you’re self-conscious about your stomach, there are certain styles of clothing that you should avoid. Here are some fashion tips on what not to wear if you have a big tummy:

1. Tight-fitting Clothes

Clothing that is too tight will only accentuate your stomach. Avoid form-fitting tops, skinny jeans, and bodycon dresses. Instead, opt for loose, flowing fabrics that drape over your body and don’t cling to your curves.

2. Oversize Outfits

\While you don’t want to wear something too tight, you also don’t want to go too baggy. Wearing overly large or shapeless clothing will make you look even bigger than you are. Choose pieces that fit well and flatter your figure.

3. Prints and Patterns

Busy prints and patterns can be distracting and make you look larger than you are. Stick to solid colors or simple prints when choosing an outfit.

4. Cropped Tops

Showing off your midriff is a no-no if you’re trying to camouflage a big tummy. Choose tops that come down past your hips to help create the illusion of a smaller waistline. However, if you really can’t resist cropped tops or sweaters then this guide is for you to know how to look your finest in crop top when you’re fat.

5. Waist Cuts

Another thing to avoid is anything that cuts off at the waist. This includes cropped tops, high-waisted shorts, and anything else that doesn’t provide coverage for your stomach area. Instead, look for tops and bottoms that have a longer length – this will help to create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette.

6. Bold Patterns

Finally, stay away from bold or busy patterns – these will only serve to highlight your stomach area and make it appear larger than it really is. Stick to simple, solid colors instead which will help to streamline your look.


Size Matters: Flattering Accessories and Shoes

Accessories and shoes are a great way to accentuate your best features and downplay any problem areas.

  • A well-fitted pair of pants or a flowing skirt can be very flattering, but if they’re paired with the wrong shoes or accessories, they can make you look larger than you are.


  • The key to finding flattering accessories and shoes is to know your body type and dress accordingly. If you have wide hips, for example, avoid wearing skinny jeans or leggings with high heels – instead, opt for a flared pant or skater skirt with a pair of flats or low-heeled boots. And if you’re self-conscious about your arms or shoulders, choose tops and dresses with sleeves or strategic details that draw the eye up and away from those areas.

The most important thing to remember is that no matter what your size, you can be stylish and chic – it’s all about knowing how to dress for your body type. So don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the looks that work best for you!


How to Look 10 Pounds Thinner?

If you want to look 10 pounds thinner, there are some style choices you should avoid.

  1. Stay away from bright colors. Choose colors that are more muted and natural looking. Fourth, stay away from short skirts or shorts.
  2. Choose skirts that come down to at least your knee or pants that are a bit longer.
  3. Don’t wear too many layers of clothing. Too many layers will make you look larger than you are.
  4. Don’t forget the power of accessories. Wearing a long necklace or scarf can help draw the eye up and down, making you look taller and thinner.
  5. Avoid anything that draws attention to your midsection. This means no crop tops, tummy-hugging skirts, or low-rise pants. Not only will these items make you look heavier, but they’re also likely to be uncomfortable. Instead, choose clothing that skims your body and doesn’t hug too tightly in any one area.



There are a few fashion choices that fat people should avoid if they want to look their best. First, tight-fitting clothes are a no-no as they will only highlight your flaws. Second, stay away from light colors as they tend to make you look bigger than you actually are. Finally, don’t wear anything that is too baggy or loose-fitting as it will make you look sloppy and unkempt. With these guidelines in mind, go out and find clothes that flatter your figure and help you feel confident about your appearance as now you know what should you not wear if you are fat.

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